The latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya begins with Nick who is hidden in Kohli’s house and trying to steal something from the house. Dida thinks that someone is in the house but she thinks that it is just an illusion and waiting for her taxi. Suddenly, she goes in her to take the money and Nick drinks water. Aliya comes there and asks him what is he doing here? He says that he came here to take his money and he just wants his money or nothing else. He also asks for Preeti otherwise, something wrong will happen.

kumkum bhagya

Dida goes from there and Rhea comes there. She hit his head on the pole and gets angry with her. She says how he dares to shoot her Ranbir? She gets angry at him and Nick scares her. On the other side, Pallavi gets angry with Prachi and says why did she do this? Pallavi says that why did she come into his life? Everything has been spoiled in his life first, he was getting married to Rhea but he left everyone for her. She came once again in his life but didn’t talk to him well. She didn’t even leave his life.

Prachi gets shocked and Pallavi says that she will take his life. Pallavi blames Prachi that kidnapped Rhea and tried to kill Ranbir. Prachi says that she can’t even think about this. Pallavi just blames her and says that she has only one child and how can she get a second child. Pallavi cries mentally and Sahana tries to comfort Pallavi but she asks her to stay away from her.

Pallavi says that she doesn’t even know the pain of a mother because she is not a mother. Later, Prachi says to Sahana that she is going to become the mother of Ranbir’s child. Sahana says that she will not tell everyone but Vikram overhears this. He says that he listened to them. Now, Vikram has got to know the truth of Prachi that she is pregnant and become the mother of Ranbir’s child. It will be interesting to watch the next episodes of the show because Vikram will know the truth but doesn’t share with everyone in sake of Prachi.

Along with this, many fans are waiting to know that the reality will come in front of all the Kohli family that Rhea was involved in the attack of Prachi. Maybe, it will take much time to reveal but soon, everything will be unveiled in front of Prachi, Ranbir, Pallavi and every one of the house. So, stay tuned for more updates.


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