Indian television has lots of entertaining serials and series to entertain the audience. There are lots of TV serial running on the big channels and there is another serial that has been capturing huge audience attention because of its loving concept. We are talking about Kumkum Bhagya, the one and only serial which has been gained a good TRP in just a few years, and everyone love to watch this serial.

Kumkum Bhagya 22nd November 2021

Currently, there is twists and turns have taken place in the serial, and everything has changed in the main leads of the serial. The story has taken suddenly change and now, it has been turned to Prachi and Ranbir.

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They both are playing a good lead role in the movie and because of this,  fans are going excited to watch the next episode of the show. After a day gap, the episode of November 22, 2021, is all set to entertain everyone as Prachi has taken a place of Pragya and started her new project.

Sushma asks her to finish her mother’s dream project. She gets shocked and gets ready to work over the dream project. She decided to complete her mother’s dream project and she takes a dashing entry in the office of Pragya. She has also changed herself who doesn’t care about anything and has no space for love in her life.

In the upcoming episode, it will also be seen that all the newspaper companies will show on the TV that Prachi has taken over her mother’s company, and now, she will handle everything. All news channels will run the news of Prachi as she is going to handle the companies of Pragya.

Ranbir will get to know about this and he gets shocked and later, will decide that he will compete with Prachi’s company and take his company on its high. When Prachi will take over the company and it will reach its high in just a few weeks, Pallavi and Rhea read the news of Prachi and Rhea provoke Ranbir by saying that she has reached her high and she did not love her.

Prachi was just trying to show off and she was just acting that she loves him. She has changed everything and runs his life. Ranbir says to her that what she wants to say and Pallavi comes there and says that he should marry Rhea. Ranbir gets angry and goes inside his room.

Now, the upcoming episodes will show that after a few months, Siddharth will find the proof of their innocence and later, show it to Ranbir where he gets shocked. So, let’s wait for the upcoming episode.


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