One of the most entertaining and twisting serials of the ZeeTv channel. Most of the people love to watch serials with lots of twists and nowadays, the viewers are much excited for the upcoming episode of the serial.

Kumkum Bhagya 22nd January 2022 Written Update

Well, the ongoing serial is capturing huge attention of the audience around the nation and every single person wants to watch the serial. As we have been watching in the serial where Rhea and Prachi is facing a massive enmity and living in a single house.

Prachi who came just for her rights and on the other side, Rhea just want to take her revenge from Prachi and snatched Prachi’s husband, Ranbir. In the previous episode of the serial, we have seen that Prachi and Rhea came into a heated argument.

On the other side, Ranbir was walking on the road and met an unknown person who told him that nothing is here for worry and he will have to do as he wants. The man suggested that he should never hook in front of his wife. Later, Ranbir came to his house and came into an argument with Prachi.

Later, he met Shayna on the dining table who said to him that he would be the only man who knows about this child. Later, Prachi came into a room and said that she can’t love once again Ranbir and she came here to take revenge.

Now, the upcoming episode will show some interesting twists and turns because Prachi has decided that she will take her revenge from whole Kohli family and she should not have cared for him who doesn’t care about her and her child.

She doesn’t want to hope that he will care for her and her child so, she should not care about her as well. On the other side, Shayna wants to tell her everything and says that he will be the only one who knows about this. But, Shayna says that she doesn’t want her help and doesn’t want to tell him everything.

Now, the latest promo of the serial shows that Shayna says to Prachi that he needs to know about his childhood, and Prachi says that she will tell her right now to her. Along with this, Prachi touches the feet of Vikram to get a blessing from Lohri. Vikram blesses her and says that God will always bless her.

Everyone gets shocked after seeing this because all the family members think that Vikram is with them. Dida gets happy and thinks that Vikram has accepted her as her daughter-in-law. The Episode Ends.


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