We are back with the latest written update of Kumkum Bhagya and maybe, viewers are getting more excited to watch the next episode of the show because it is coming with another twist and turn for the viewers. Here are lots of things to watch in the upcoming episode because the makers have left several twists and turn for the next episode and tonight, this is going to be wonderful like never before as Nick has taken the name of Prachi instead of Rhea that it was all planned by Prachi.

kumkum bhagya

Now, the latest episode begins with Ranbir who asks him how does he know her? Nick says that she knows Preeti and she let them meet. Nick says that it was Prachi who attacked herself. Suddenly, a person shoots at Prachi but Ranbir sees this and comes in front of her. The bullets shot Ranbir and he gets unconscious. They rushed him to the hospital and Dida get to know about this. Ranbir holds her hand and Prachi asks the doctor to let her come with Ranbir and will disturb them but the doctor doesn’t know her. They begin their treatment and Prachi stays outside the Operation Theatre.

Later, Pallavi asks the nurse about Doctor for Rhea and she says that if something wrong will happen with Ranbir, she will not leave her. Rhea warns Prachi and says that if he is mad at her so, he should not suffer from this. Rhea continuously blames Prachi and when Prachi comes to console her, but Pallavi stops her. Sahana says that Prachi was not involved in this matter and she didn’t do anything. Pallavi forces Rhea to check herself but she denies it continuously.

Pallavi says that Ranbir will get well soon. Prachi keeps herself out of Operation Theatre and sees Ranbir from the window. Ranbir leaves the place and calls someone. On the other side, Dida cries and says that she doesn’t know the driver and that any driver is not picking up her phone. Suddenly, Nick comes in Kohli’s house but hides from Dida. Another side, Rhea gets angry while finding Rhea.

Prachi thinks about her happy moments with Ranbir. When they were living separately from their families. Today’s episode will come with many more things and everyone knows that nothing wrong will happen with Ranbir and he will get well soon. But, because of the few past things, many more misunderstandings will create between them and Rhea will get succeed in her evil plans? If you are willing to know what will happen next? Stay tuned with us to know more details here.


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