The episode starts with Sid and Rhea watching Jenny and Jack and tries to hide from them. Jack says that he will need powder. Prachi is looking for Rhea and asks everyone to show her pic if anyone saw her. A lady says that she has seen Rhea a few minutes ago. Prachi gets a call from Ranbir and he informs her that Sid escaped from the hotel and the Police is taking him. He asks her to come to the police station.

Kumkum Bhagya 21st July 2021

Does Prachi say that of Sid is fine? Ranbir says that he has not any information regarding this. Prachi says that she can’t come right now. Ranbir asks her to come to the police station first and they find find Rhea after some time. Prachi takes Taxi and Ranbir asks Inspector why Is he searching for Sid.

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Inspector says that he is a culprit. Ranbir tells that Sid called me and says that he is in trouble. Inspector asks him where did you hide Sidhharth and says that he had drugs as well. Ranbir is shocked and tries to go to see but a Police inspection stops him. Prachi reaches the police station and the inspector asks her if she wants to file an FIR of missing a person. She says yes and acts like she is a stranger to Ranbir.

She overhears that the police inspector is telling the address of a girl and that girl was Rhea. Prachi notes down the address and forward to Ranbir. Prachi tells Ranbir that they need to take benefit of this chance. They leave and the inspector asks for Ranbir. Ranbir hires a taxi to Jayanagar and says if they will be fined Sid, they will take him to the airport.

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Rhea and Sid are at their home where Sid asks Rhea if that place is safe for them. Rhea says that I think the police will not reach us soon. Rhea says that if the police come to know that we are staying here then they will inform Jack and Janny and they will kill us. Sid tells that they shall marry and pics will be the proof.

Rhea refuses to marry and asks Ranbir to give her some time. He says if I had a phone then I would have called my brother to save us. Rhea says your brother must be like you. Sid says that my brother is a hero and he sees that Jack and Jenny are coming there. Jack and Jenny come inside the house and Sid and Rhea tries to hide.

Prachi and Ranbir find the stage broken lock and came to know that someone was inside the room. He says that Sid is escaped from the drug peddlers. Prachi finds Rhea’s bracelet. Ranbir says that anyone can wear this bracelet, but how could you be so sure that it belongs to Rhea. Ranbir sees two teacups and says that they have seen us and escaped from here. He says we need to check the CCTV footage. They see that Sid and Rhea come outside and sit in a car.


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