The latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya starts with Aliya who asks Prachi to go out of the house and Prachi gives a befitting reply to her and because of this, Aliya gets to know that she has been changed totally. Prachi says that Rhea will try everything without any melodrama or mirchmasala. Dida says that always Prachi says for her relation.

kumkum bhagya

Ranbir warns everyone to don’t say anything to Dida otherwise he will shower as fire on them. Dida comes to Prachi’s room and Prachi apologizes to her. She says that she is not feeling that she is playing this drama in front of her.

Dida asks her to give a befitting reply to Rhea and she is always with her. Dida says that Ranbir should always help her but Prachi says that she is enough for her. Prachi and Dida hug each other. Dida says that she is always with her. On the other side, Aliya says that Prachi is behaving like this in front of her and maybe, Ranbir is with her.

Pallavi says that Ranbir is doing the same as they expected. Aliya replies that he is with her and Pallavi says he doesn’t have any involvement in this. They want that he get married to Rhea and he did the same.

Suddenly, Aliya says that he did not favor them. Aliya and Pallavi argue with each other. They decide to throw out Prachi from this house and they can’t do anything because she has illegal rights.

Pallavi tells about a party that will take place tomorrow and Aliya asks her to join the party to keep her eye on Prachi. Rhea and Prachi made their plan to defeat Prachi in the house. Rhea gets happy after listening to Aliya’s plan.

On the other side, Ranbir and Dida talk to each other politely. Dida asks her to help Prachi because he has changed and because of him, she is also changed. Later, Ranbir comes into his room and sees a number of Shana (Prachi’s friend). He calls her at the party tomorrow. Prachi and Ranbir meet in the kitchen and Ranbir hold her hand once again.

He stops her and Prachi asks him to leave. Ranbir asks her don’t go because he came here to bake a sandwich and he will also bake for her. He made a Sandwich for her. Prachi feels something for him. Ranbir gives her Sandwich and goes from there. The Episode Ends.


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