In the latest upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya, August 21, 2021, we will get to see many more things in the show. The upcoming episode will bring many more things about Pragya and Abhi as the lawyer suggested that she will have to stay again with her first husband.

kumkum bhagya 21st august 2021

Abhi is her first husband and now, watchers are excited to watch the next episode because Gaurav and Aliya are making a new plan to destroy all her career. But how can we forget that Abhi is with her and he will never forget her. Now, let’s move to the upcoming episode because we are going to share the latest episode of the upcoming serial.

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The next episode will start from where Aliya gets to know that the business of Aliya and Abhi was destroyed by Thapar’s family. But on the other side, Aliya took the name of Pragya and says to Abhi that Pragya’s company was the only company that destroyed them.

Abhi listens to everything from Aliya and she says that she has proof of this and Abhi says that she can’t do this and Aliya asks him to search all of this. Aliya provokes Abhi and says that Pragya is only our enemy and Abhi goes from there.

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On the other side, Tanu comes to Pragya and again, asks her to take his husband from her in return of money but Pragya has something strange and she thinks that she will insult Tanu in her own house. They both come into the argument and Sushma also comes there.

Tanu says that those who have lots of money can easily do this kind of thing. Pragya insult her and Tanu go from there. Pragya says that even he doesn’t know that what Tanu is about to do. Sushma says that if you don’t love him so, why are you thinking about this. Sushma says that we have to fight against our fight.

On the other side, Ranbir and Prachi come into the romantic moment and talking with each other in their bedroom. Suddenly, Ranbir go out of his bedroom and at the same time, Rhea comes there and they see each other. Ranbir apologizes to her and asks sorry Rhea. She says it’s okay and goes from there. Prachi is in her room and gets a call from her friend, Diya.

They both talks nicely with each other and suddenly servant comes to Prachi and says that Pallavi calls her. Pallavi asks her about the things because some new guests are about to come in the house and suddenly, Rhea comes there and Pallavi appreciates her because she did well last day.

She gives Prachi an example and asks her to don’t repeat that. While Pallavi says that Soni will help Rhea and Prachi will have to work alone. Dida comes to them and says that she can imagine both of them separate.

Now, Pallavi says that Prachi will have to handle her husband and family too together. She asks her to do something better to show that you are the best daughter-in-law. The Episode Ends.


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