The latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya starts with Prachi who is walking on the road. Suddenly, a car stops in front of her and her friend sees her on the road standing near the car. The car driver says to them that this is not a place for hugging each other and her friend scolds the taxi driver.

Kumkum Bhagya 20th December 2021

Prachi is crying and her friend asks the reason for her sadness. Prachi says that many things happened and she can’t tolerate anything. Prachi says that this is happy news but can’t share it with anyone. Prachi says that she is about to become a mother.

Her friend says that this is news of happiness but why don’t tell anyone. Her friend asks her to sit somewhere and then talk about this. Ranbir is sitting in the same hotel and sees Prachi and her friend Saina. Prachi goes to the washroom and Ranbir comes to her friend and talk about her.

Saina says that he can’t do this and she did his help to get Prachi but she is crying because of him. Ranbir couldn’t understand and asked her to clear everything. Saina says that she was crying in the middle of the road and Ranbir gets confused about this. Ranbir goes to the washroom and his friend also comes to Saina.

Ranbir’s friend tells Saina that Ranbir got married to Rhea. On the other side, Prachi and Ranbir meet around the washroom. Prachi ignores him and suddenly, Ranbir holds her hand. He stops and asks that what is she hiding from him? Prachi says nothing but Ranbir says that she is hiding something and Saina told everything to him.

Ranbir asks her if she still loves him. Ranbir wipes her tears and Prachi tells her that he doesn’t need to do these formalities. Ranbir says that there is something between us.

Ranbir says that he can’t see her in this situation to her but he can’t see her in this situation anymore. He hugs her and suddenly, Prachi remembers everything that happened with her. Prachi goes from there in hurry and Ranbir comes to Saina, she tells that everything happened because of him and Ranbir’s friend asks him everything but Ranbir tells that he is going from here and meet him soon.

On the other side, Kohli’s house bells ring. Rhea opens the gate and finds Ranbir there. Rhea asks about meeting and he asks about Prachi. Pallavi says that there is a get-together tomorrow in the house and because of this meeting, they will get to know who is the new daughter-in-law of this house. Prachi comes from outside and says that keep remembering, to create some impression, it could also be destroyed.

Prachi says that everyone knows the truth and Pallavi asks her to get ready for tomorrow because everyone will get to know who is a real daughter-in-law in the house? Ranbir gets irritated because of this and says that they will have to find a solution to this. Suddenly, Aliya comes and says that throw Prachi out of this house.

Aliya talks to Pallavi and says that she did not come to the wedding but she promised her to keep her daughter happy in the house. Prachi says that she needs to give a reply to her because she is her Buaji. Aliya asks her not to call her Buji. Rhea asks Prachi that mine her tongue. The Episode Ends.


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