The latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya begins with Rhea and Sahana. Rhea asks Sahana to bring the keys of car so, they could search for Prachi. Rhea says that she can take the keys from Vikram and Sahana goes for taking the keys. Suddenly, Rhea takes a bag of money and put it in the car so, she can go from there. She sits in the car and Sahana comes there. Rhea says that she has found the keys and starts the car and leaves. Sahana shouts from behind and says that she will have to find Prachi asap otherwise, something wrong will happen.

Kumkum Bhagya 20th April 2022 Full Written Update

On the other side, Ranbir reaches to Nick’s house and shouts his name to find him but he doesn’t find him in the house. He says that he will not leave him once he gets to know where is Prachi. Suddenly, Ranbir sees Preeti and Nick’s photo frame and gets shocked. He takes Preeti’s name and says that she is working in our home. Later, the episode shows that Preeti is going in her house and Ranbir calls her. He asks where is she and Preeti replies that she is going home.

Ranbir asks her to stay there and tell him where is Nick? Preeti hesitates and says who is Nick? Ranbir scolds her not to act like she doesn’t know anything and he saw her picture with Nick. He says that he has kidnapped Prachi and she knows where can he take her? Preeti gets shocked and says that she doesn’t know anything. Ranbir says that if she will not tell him, then, Police will arrest him and then, they will take out the truth in their way.

Preeti gets worried and Ranbir says that where can he take Prachi? Preeti says that he has a place where he goes always to hide from Police. Ranbir asks about the place and on another side, Nick says to Prachi that he did this just because of money. He calls his friend to come to their place. His friend, Tony talks to his friend that he has a contract to kill a lady. Later, Rhea gets confused and talks to Aliya about Prachi.

Rhea says that Nick doesn’t want to kill Prachi and he will take money from her as well as, from Ranbir to give her back. Aliya says that she is also coming to the place where she is about to meet her. On the other side, Nick talks to Prachi and says that he is just doing his work and asks his friend to keep his eyes on her. Nick says that if Rhea will give her money so, he will kill her otherwise, he will ask for money from Ranbir in exchange of Prachi. She regrets that she always stay away from her for the sake of her child but now, she needs her help. The Episode Ends.


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