We are back with the new and twisting episode of Kumkum Bhagya where the misunderstanding of Pragya and Abhi is going down and they are again going close to each other and felt something new. On the other side, Rhea is making another plan to get Ranbir back because when she saw her father(Abhi) as a driver with Pragya, she felt guilty and she thought that it was just happened because of Prachi.

Kumkum Bhagya 1st October 2021

In the previous episode of the serial, we saw that  Pragya was saved by Abhi from the criminals and they ran away from the place. Rhea blames Ranbir and said that she cheated on her. Everyone said that first, you should have come to us and we help you.

Udaariyaan, Today’s Episode 1st October 2021 Full Written Update, Tejo and Fateh Are Sad

Rhea suddenly asked to Vikram that why Abhi and he are not friends. Vikram said that because of business and Rhea said that please, say the truth. Vikram pointed out Prachi and says that because of Prachi, their friendship broke. Vikram revealed that Rhea and Ranbir were about to get married but Ranbir and Prachi got married.

Suddenly, Pallavi came in front of Rhea and said that no one will tell you the truth but I will say everything truth to you. She said that no one will tell you the reality but I will tell you everything.

Pallavi said that Ranbir loves Prachi and anyone can love at this age but it doesn’t mean that we let our son get married to anyone. Pallavi added that anyone can love but the marry happens with a high-class or standard girl. Prachi and Ranbir get shocked after hearing this.

Dida tried to stop her by saying but they both are Abhi and Pragya’s, daughters. Pallavi blamed her that she did not care about these families. Vikram said that because of Prachi he lost his best friend.

Suddenly, Ranbir came ahead and said that he will give his hand to Prachi. Ranbir revealed everything by saying that Prachi always asked him to go back to his home without her. Ranbir said in front of all that they are going to leave this home. Everyone got shocked and said that they are going from here and will not live here.

We also got to see that Rhea stopped Ranbir by taking his name and he stopped with Prachi. She said that he scolded everyone. Rhea said to him that she loves him a lot and Prachi snatched him from her. Rhea said to her that he cheated on her. Ranbir confessed everything in front of everyone that he was playing with Prachi’s feelings and he fell in love with her. Ranbir shouted at Rhea.

Prachi said that Rhea that how much she hated her? She talked to her and said that she is snatched everything from her. Rhea talked about Pragya and Abhi. Rhea said that Pragya is destroying Abhi’s life. Prachi told everything about Abhi and Pragya.

Prachi also shouted at her and said that one day she will die in her ego. Prachi broke all her relations with Rhea because she said wrong about Pragya. Prachi apologize to Ranbir and said that she sacrificed her love because of her parents.

Ranbir asked Rhea that she doesn’t want to see her face and suddenly, Rhea founds that she was thinking wrong. She went to her room back and realized that she was trying to do this wrong. She got angry over Prachi. She took a deep breath to get calm. She called Aliya and Rhea said that she is going angry and asked her to do something.

Aliya said to her to tell the reason behind the anger. Later, Aliya gave advice to Rhea that she will have to attack at Pragya’s weakness and asked her to attack at Prachi and if she will hurt, Pragya will be hurt as well.


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