The latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya starts when Pragya stands out of the police station after knowing that the video was fake and it has been formatted. She comes outside and sees Gaurav Thappar coming outside his car. Does he say that she knows why did he come here? Pragya says that she has given what he wants but still, he did not give her proof of Abhi’s bail.

kumkum bhagay 1st November 2021

Gaurav says he has taken all the properties from Pragya but Abhi is still safe from him. He beat his brother, insulted him so, how can he leave him like this? Pragya says that maybe, he just saw her as a businesswoman.


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But, she is a dangerous wife more than a businessman. She says that she was in a fury that’s why she did not realize anything but when a woman can take the form of Durga Maa, she can do anything. She challenges him that tomorrow, she will bring her husband from the court in front of him.

She goes from there and Gaurav thinks that how can she do this? Later, Pragya finds a man whose name is Santosh Jain, and Pragya gets shocked.

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The next morning, Pragya reaches the police station to meet Abhi and she requests to meet Abhi. She meets him and says that she wants to do something. He reveals that he came to his house to tease her. He tries to confess his love but he is confused. He says that he loves her a lot and can’t do anything.

He comes outside the jail and hugs her. She shows the picture of Santosh Jain and he says that Abhi says that he was there at that time. Pragya says that now, the situation will change. He calls Gaurav and asks him to come to the jail to see the hearing.

On the other side, Prachi wakes ups and she sees Ranbir taking breakfast for her. He forces her to have breakfast and take medicines. She says to him that she is the luckiest girl in the world. They talk to each other and Prachi wakes up and says to him that he is only hers and can’t see anyone. Suddenly, Sid takes some food for Prachi and again, Rhea tries to create a misunderstanding between Prachi and Ranbir.

On the other side, Abhi comes inside the court. Aliya and Tannu also come there. Suddenly, Gaurav comes and says that only time changes but he is the same. He can’t cheat those people who stay with him.

Later, the lawyer asks contractor Subhash to come into the witness box. He tells everything but Abhi says that he is lying because I didn’t ask him to break the wall. Now, the opposing lawyer asks him to prove that he is saying the truth? So, let’s wait for the latest episode of the serial tonight.


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