The latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya ended with some amazing twists and after watching the last episode, many fans are eagerly waiting to watch the next episode tonight. The next episode is going to be more entertaining like previous episodes but tonight, a new drama is about to create for all the watchers. Maybe, it will be fantastic to watch this episode tonight.

kumkum bhagya 1st march 2022 written update

Let us tell you that some promo videos have been released in which, we can see what will be the new twist for the fans? So, keep reading to know the latest episode because we are going to expose everything through this article.

Now, the latest episode begins with Aliya and Rhea who visit the NGO and create drama in front of them in the sake of help. They both cry and says that they are totally helpless because there is no one to help them.

The NGO ladies ask them why are they saying this and what happened to them. Aliya says that Prachi has snatched the husband of Rhea and her mother also left her. Rhea says that Ranbir has left her alone and then, he married to Prachi.

But, Prachi married to Sidharth but Prachi started to tease to Ranbir as well and therefore, Ranbir threw her out of the house. She says that Ranbir got married to her but Prachi started to create problems between them. She also tells them that Prachi is pregnant with Sidharth’s child.

On the other side, Ranbir brings food for Prachi and ask her to eat. She denies and Ranbir takes the first bite and tells her that nothing mix in the food. Prachi says that she didn’t even think about it and he makes her eat.

The lady from NGO asks that is she completely sure about her claims. Rhea tells that she will expose the truth at the part later and asks them to help her and they also get agree. Shayna comes to Prachi and she says that she will have it herself so, Ranbir leaves. Prachi tells Shayna that she is going to reveal everything that she is pregnant and asks her to decorate the terrace.

On the other side, Rhea tells Aliya that Ranbir is still feeling for Prachi and she gets angry. Aliya says that once, Ranbir get to know that Prachi is pregnant and Sidharth is the father of the child then, he will stop loving her. Later, Pallavi and Vikram come and Rhea wishes them.

Prachi also wishes her but Pallavi ignores her and goes from there. Ranbir made the announcement and says that there is no love if there is no fight between a couple and he learned it from his parents. The Episode Ends.


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