We are back with the latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya and today’s episode starts when Rhea says that he took revenge for the last many years. Prachi says that Ranbir was drunk but even he apologize and Rhea was not even then, she did this intentionally.

kumkum bhagya 19th october 2021

Does Prachi say what can I do? I didn’t do any mistakes so, why is this happening to me? Dida comes to her and says that she is angry and can’t understand what she is saying? Ranbir asks sorry to Prachi but she says she doesn’t want his sorry and says to him that the first step of any relation is trust, he broke her trust and she is breaking this relation. She goes from there and Ranbir follows him. Rhea and Aliya smile by looking at each other.

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Suddenly, Rhea wake up and it was just a dream. Rhea says she can’t imagine and gets happy. Rhea says that she will have to just go home and Bua will handle everything. On the other side, Abhi comes to Aliya and she says that she has talked about this. Abhi says that he hates Thappar’s family.

On the other side, Rhea sees Sid coming out of the washroom and she gets shocked. Sid says to her I Love You because of their last night. Rhea can’t understand anything and she asks him what happened yesterday. Sid tells her that she went to Ranbir and Sid went to Prachi to make them understand.

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Later, Sid and Prachi saw that Rhea was taking Ranbir in another room and they think that she forgot her room number and they are going in another room. Rhea went outside the room to talk to the manager and within a few seconds, Prachi took Ranbir to their room, and Sid forgot his phone and jacket in the room.

Suddenly, Rhea came to him without knowing that he is none other than Sid. They spend their quality time because of darkness in the room, she couldn’t understand that to whom she is sleeping. Sid says he loves her and finally, they have become a couple.

Sid goes from there and Rhea gets angry after thinking this. Rhea says that no Sidharth, the night was not for you, it was only for Ranbir and her. Rhea calls Aliya and tells everything about the last night. Rhea says to Aliya that everything has over.

On the other side, Ranbir brings breakfast for Prachi and they both spend their special moment with each other. Ranbir kisses her head and gives her a gown to wear. He gives her a red rose. On the other side, Prachi goes to Aliya’s room to take Sushma’s bag. She sees her phone where Gaurav Thapar called her many times. She thinks that Abhi said to her that she will not work with Gaurav so, why he is calling her. The Episode Ends.


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