The fans of ZeeTV’s Kumkum Bhagya are highly excited for the upcoming episode. Well, the show is going to reach on its hype and fans are eagerly waiting to know what will happen next in the upcoming episode? As we know that Rhea was trying to kill Prachi by hiring Nick but he failed to kill her. Along with this, he was tied the knot in the Kohli house by Ranbir and his all family members but still Rhea is planning to let him escape from the house otherwise, Rhea and Aliya’s reality will come out in front of all.

kumkum bhagya

We have seen in the previous episode that Rhea got succeeded to let him escape from the Kohli house and Ranbir asked about him. Now, the latest episode will begin with lots of things and we are going to share the written update of the episode. Today’s episode begins with Ranbir who comes to Rhea and Vikram and asks about Nick who is running. On the other side, Nick collides with Prachi and takes her on the point of a knife. He put a knife on her stomach and she says that put it on her neck.

Suddenly, Shahna and Dida come there and Ranbir asks about Prachi? Vikram says that maybe, Nick is finding Prachi. Everyone gets shocked and Ranbir follows Nick. Sahana says that Aliya went to take out the fuse room and she will tell everything later. Sahana, Vikram, and Dida go from there and Pallavi thinks that it was done by Aliya but Rhea makes excuse by saying that Aliya went to check the fuse.

Pallavi tries to see Rhea’s injury but doesn’t get anything. Pallavi says that she is not hurt but Rhea tells her that it’s hurting and maybe, it is an interior injury. Rhea says that she is not feeling well and going to the washroom. On the other side, Ranbir tries to find Prachi and Nick. Suddenly, Nick realizes that he kidnapped Prachi and asks him to sit inside the car. Prachi pleads to leave her alone but Nick doesn’t leave her.

Nick says that they will have to sit inside the car so, no one could see them. Another side, Rhea calls Nick and he tells her that he kidnapped Prachi by mistake. Rhea gets shocked and says that he is taking more risks and how can he kidnap Prachi. Rhea says that he has created a big mistake but Nick says that this is the right time to complete his unfinished work.

Rhea orders him to kill Prachi as soon as possible so, their problem will be resolved. Along with this, the latest promo sees that Nick kidnaps Prachi and threatens her to kill him. She takes him to another place but Ranbir reaches there to save her. With this, Nick also discloses that Rhea is the real culprit behind this and she wants to kill her. The Episode Ends.



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