Kumkum Bhagya, the latest episode of the serial begins with Shayna who is asking Prachi to show her hand. She wants to see her to check if she was attacked by the chemical. Shayna says that it was done by Rhea and Prachi says that she can’t do this because she is not a criminal mind. Prachi adds that the person came to kidnap Laxmi and she was always with her. He thought that he need to hurt her first and then, plans to kidnap Laxmi. Prachi says that Rhea and she, both are from the same mother and she can’t do this.

kumkum bhagya

Shayna gives her example of Raavan and Vibhashin as they both were different. Suddenly, Dida get to know about this matter and Dida gets tensed after hearing this. Shayna says that someone can attack her once again. Dida says that she needs to give her Rakha Kawach. Shayna says that she needs to do something. Prachi hugs her. Another side, a servant’s friend tries to meet her and they both hear the conversation of Aliya and Rhea who is talking about Prachi’s incident. Suddenly, Aliya notices Neeti and her boyfriend.

Neeti’s boyfriend picks up the gloves and says that she doesn’t want this. He leaves the place and on another side, Dida prays to God for Prachi. Shayna comes there and prays too. Dida shows Raksha Kawach and Shayna says why does she think that this thread can protect someone. Ranbir passes from there and hears Dida and Shayna’s conversation.

Ranbir comes to them and Shayna ignores him and Dida tells everything to Ranbir. Ranbir gets tensed and takes thread from Dida. Ranbir goes to her and checks her hand. Prachi tries to ignore him and gets angry at him. He says that she doesn’t need to tell him that someone attacked her. Prachi says that she didn’t want to tell him. Suddenly, Ranbir gets angry and pushes her to the wall. He says that he wants to become a man to whom she can believe on.

Prachi says that she can’t believe in him and they are living in this era. She adds that she can’t love him and they talk to each other. Ranbir says that he came to check her that is she well? Ranbir says that why is she trying to kill their love. They both argue with each other. Prachi tells about her anger. He tells her why did he do this? Why was he sleeping with Rhea? Prachi cries and says that he did this. Prachi asks him to go away from her. Ranbir gets angrier and says he is leaving her and going to far from her. The Episode Ends.


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