We are back with the latest written update of ZeeTV’s Kumkum Bhagya and today’s episode begins with the argument of Ranbir, Dida with Pallavi. Dida says that she doesn’t like Prachi and that she denied going with Ranbir as she thought that she knows the value of family. Dida says that she doesn’t want to let anyone separate from this house and Ranbir asks her to calm down but Dida shouts and says that she is a mother-in-law of her and everyone has a right in this house to speak.

Kumkum Bhagya Latest Episode 18th April 2022

Pallavi says that everything is happening because of Prachi. She leaves and Dida says that she loves Prachi a lot and Ranbir also says that he loves her a lot. On the other side, Prachi thinks about Ranbir who saved her life. Prachi says that he is very good, very very much. Later, Preeti reaches to Nick’s house but doesn’t get him. She calls him and the phone rings in Nick’s pocket who is in Kohli’s house. Vikram hears the ringtone and asks Rhea whose phone is ringing. Vikram sees that the phone is ringing from the almirah and finds Preeti’s phone.

Rhea gets tensed and takes the phone from Vikram and says that he needs to keep his eye on Nick and she will pick up the call. She picks up Preeti’s call and says that Nick is alright and he will be reached to the house tomorrow morning. Preeti gets tensed by hearing Rhea’s voice and says why did she pick his call. Preeti thinks that Rhea did something wrong with Nick. On the other side, Aliya goes to the maintenance room to cut the light of the house but suddenly, Sahana reaches there and asks what is she doing here?

Aliya gets shocked and Sahana says that she knows what is she doing here and her all planning has been spoiled. Aliya says what is she talking about? Sahana says that she will tell everyone and Aliya comes to her but she locks her inside the room. The lights get off. On the other side, Vikram asks Rhea to keep her eye on him.

Sahana says that she will tell everyone about her. Nick is getting conscious and thinks that where is she? Aliya says that she will have to help Nick to let him out of the house. Suddenly, Vikram comes back and sees that Nick is conscious. He talks to him and asks who sent him here. Rhea gets worried and picks up a knife to attack Vikram from behind. Rhea throws a glass there and tells Vikram that there is someone in the house who could be a partner of Nick. Vikram runs toward there and Rhea helps Nick to run away. Vikram comes back and sees Nick running and Rhea falls down. The Episode Ends.



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