We are back with the latest written episode of Kumkum Bhagya. In the last few days, the serial is showing several upsides down to the fans as Rhea is creating a big mess between everyone including Ranbir, Sidharth, and Prachi. She made a plan to show that there is an affair between Sid and Prachi. Ranbir can’t tolerate this because he loves a lot to his wife, Prachi but because of Rhea, everything has changed in the show and now, the whole family is against Prachi and Sidharth even, Vikram slaps Sidharth and asks him to leave the house as soon as possible.

Kumkum Bhagya, Latest Episode 17th November 2021 Written Update, Pallavi Divorce Plan Against Prachi

On the other side, we have also seen Prachi also leaving the house as Ranbir is not believing in his wife and also, asked him to leave the house. Now, the fans are waiting to know that what will happen next? As per the promo videos of the serial, the serial is taking a new turn in everyone’s life as Ranbir will come with a new avatar as he wants to just become a big businessman and on the other side, Prachi will become a guardian of Pragya’s business. She will handle the business of Pragya with Sushma. Now, the latest episode will be amazing to watch.

Now, the latest episode starts when Prachi will leave the house, and later, Pallavi will ask Rhea that she doesn’t want to hear the name, and also, she will remove the shadow of Prachi from this house. Later, Pallavi makes a plan to create divorce documents of Ranbir with his sign. She asks to Rhea if this sign matches the sign of Ranbir so, no one will get to know that this is a fake sign. Rhea gets happy and thinks that Ranbir will be only hers. She does a fake sign of Ranbir and sends all the divorce paper to Sushma’s house where a lawyer comes with some papers and says to Ranbir signed all the papers and asks me to give you.

Prachi gets shocked after learning that Ranbir sent divorce documents and drop all the documents. She cries and runs towards her room. She doesn’t know that this is a plan of Pallavi who did this to remove her from Ranbir’s life and on the other side, Prachi is unknown about this as this is a plan of Pallavi and Rhea. So, what do you think about the upcoming story of Prachi and Ranbir? Will Pallavi get success in her plan against Prachi? Tell us in the comment section.


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