As we know Kumkum Bhagya is a very popular show among people, it is running well with great TRP on television. Here are several things for telling you about the news. According to the promo Videos, KumKum Bhagya is going to be very interesting and entertaining. The latest episode starts with, Prachi is lying on the floor, Aaliya opening the door knocking on it, Aaliya questions her about what happened as she seems tense when Prachi informs her she alright.

KumKum Bhagya 17th February 2022 Update

Prachi questions how did she come since she would not have arrived to inquire about her health, Prachi says she must not judge her situation based on the condition of the pictures, Aaliya says that she store them then Prachi replies that she was just going to tearing them ads there is no use for these pictures in this house.

Aliya tells her that Pallavi is calling her. Aliya exclaims that sometimes those lessons are taught while holding the ears but she would be taught after her injury, Prachi walks out to the hall looking for Pallavi when she from behind throws water all over Prachi, everyone comes here.

Prachi accepts that she apologizes since this is her mistake and she can correct it, she asks if she can find everything back, family, and everything. When Vikram says that he was not able to say it before and then seeks an apology from Prachi.

Pallavi gets shocked to see her when Vikram says that even the father-in-law should do something but he was not able to fulfill it, he says that what occurred that day got so heated that he couldn’t control it when he finally realized. Pallavi says what they are apologizing to her. Pallavi says she will not accept Prachu as her daughter and she accepts Rhea only as a daughter-in-law.

Pallavi warns Prachi to leave the house as what happened today will happen a lot. Rhea is being locked in the cell when she asks Ranbir what is he doing since they were being locked up in the police lockup, then Rhea says him what is he doing to get come out from this.

He calls to all in the house but nothing works then Inspector ask for another number whose they can call. Ranbir takes the name of Prachi hearing which Rhea gets shocked. Rhea says that he should not call to Prachi she will taunt them and will not help them. Ranbir says that she should think positively. Stay tuned for more updates.


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