The latest written update of Kumkum Bhagya is here. This is one of the most loving and popular Zeetv serial and watchers love to watch this exciting serial because of its familiar concept and better cast. Pragya and Abhi are the main lead of the serial.

Kumkum Bhagya 16th September 2021

In the last episode, Prachi tells that her father can’t do anything and maybe, Tanu and Aliya did everything for her and papa. Prachi told that due to his condition, they had to live in Chawl and he also tried to find her and even, fought with police because of her. Pragya realized the truth.

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Now, the latest episode will come with some latest twists because Prachi and Prachi will find out every truth. Pragya realizes that it was a plan of Aliya and Tanu. On the other side, Tanu said that she can’t believe anyone as she is going to take a new locker. While Pragya realized that she did a mistake after knowing that he did an incident.

When Prachi and Ranbir talk to each other and Rhea hears their conversation from Ranbir’s behind. Suddenly Rhea shouts and said that something is biting her back. Ranbir checks his neck and Sid comes and realizes something wrong between them.

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Rhea says that Sid spoils the moments that were going on between her and Ranbir. On the other side, Abhi’s friend comes to Aliya and said that there is someone who is calling herself as Abhi’s wife. Aliya said I know she is Pragya.

Also, his friend said that Abhi is in the hospital and he is in a critical condition. Aliya got shocked after hearing this. Now, the upcoming episode is going to be amazing because Sid is knowing that Rhea has the wrong intention.

When Tanu gets to know that Abhi is in critical condition, taking an advantage of this incident. He will go to Abhi and said to her that they are going to take advantage of this incident and Abhi will have to say that Prachi tried to kill him and made him drunk.

When Tanu reaches Pragya’s home with her lawyer, she claims that Pragya tried to kill her husband. Later, Tanu demands more money from her otherwise, she will break the contract.

Pragya asks him to break the contract with her but Sushma gets ready to give her more money for the sake of Pragya. Just because of this, Pragya realizes that her accident took place because of Abhi, Tanu, and Aliya. On the other side, Rhea plans to separate Prachi and Ranbir, and later, she will get succeed. Now, the upcoming episode will reveal many more things. Stay tuned with us.


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