The upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya starts when Prachi is about to leave the house and Ranbir comes inside the room. Prachi goes outside but suddenly, Ranbir stops her, Prachi thinks that he is stopping her to go but Ranbir asks her to close the door and go.

Kumkum Bhagya 16th November 2021

Prachi reacts to this and says that what is going on? Prachi tries to make him understand that nothing was wrong and she loves him a lot but even, Ranbir did not hear her and Prachi says that it looks like a dream. Ranbir says when he loved her, that was a dream but this is a reality.

On the other side, Sidharth checks that CCTV footage of the hotel and suddenly, he sees Aliya’s shadow in screen but he didn’t move back and thinks that if he will back, she will run from there and suddenly, the manager reacts over the shadow and says that there she is. Suddenly, Aliya runs and hides in the hotel. Sidharth scolds the manager and runs outside the room to find her.

But, she hides and later, Sidharth goes from there after saying to the manager that someone is involved in this from your hotel staff. Managers call Aliya outside and say that at a time, she helped him, and now, he helped her so, their account has been closed.

On another side, Ranbir sees a dream that he and Prachi hug each other but suddenly, Ranbir comes in reality and sees Prachi has gone outside the room. In the Kohli house, Pallavi and Vikram is following the Sharad ritual of Sidharth and suddenly, Sidharth comes in the house and says what is going on? Pallavi is angry and says that he has died for them. Vikram says that he cheated everyone. Vikram slaps him and says that she was the girl, Ranbir loved a lot.

Sidharth closes his hand and apologizes to everyone that he did not do anything. Pallavi continuously asks him to go out of this house. Later, Prachi tries to talk to Rhea and Rhea asks her to go from this house as she snatched her husband. Prachi walks out of the house and Ranbir is upset and crying in his room while Rhea comes to open the door of his room and Prachi and Ranbir remember their past with each other.

Rhea comes to Ranbir and tries to provoke him by telling him about Prachi and Siddharth. Suddenly, Ranbir tries to stop Prachi but Rhea says to him that they wanted this exactly to destroy our house to build their own. The Episode Ends.


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