Here we are back with another written update of the most famous show. KumKum Bhagya. This show is running with the good TRP on television. According to the promo videos show is going to be very interesting and entertaining. The latest episode starts with Prachi reminding Pallavi of her words and saying she said that if Prachi searches and brings Rhea’s Mangalsutra then Rhea will apologize to me. Rhea says she will not apologize. Pallavi tells Rhea that she has accused Prachi of her carelessness and asks her to apologize. Pallavi gives the order to Rhea to apologize. She folds her hand and apologizes to her.

Kumkum Bhagya 16th May 2022 Full Written Update

Aliya comes to Rhea and asks her to be strong, but today she needs to apologize to Parchi in front of everyone. She says Prachi said too much but no one said anything. Aliya says her now they will not make any plan and not hurt her, now they will break her. She says she will break her thoughts and pride about her Mangalsutra so that she gets shattered. Prachi is in the kitchen and thinks of Ranbir asking her. She thinks that everything is over between them. . Ranbir recalls her words, that nobody can snatch her responsibility and rights from her until she is wearing Mangalsutra.

Shahana says that she can feel that she feels for Ranveer. Prachi says whatever she said about Mangalsutra was correct. She tells about the Mangalsutra’s specialty it gives rights and responsibility, rights and peace.  Ranbir goes then Plavi stops him where is he going? He tells that he is going to Bangalore for a conference meeting. She thinks it’s good he was trapped between two sisters. Prachi feels restless. Prachi thinks to go to the temple to calm down her mind and get some peace. Aliya sends some goons for Prachi.

Pallavi and Vikram come there arguing. Dida asks what happened Vikram tells that Ranbir left home. He feels that Ranbeer left the house because he disturb this house and wants peace. Rhea asks him to ask Ranbir. Vikram says I am his father and knows well. Prachi gets worried and tells Dida that she will go temple. Aliya sends goons behind Prachi.  Pallavi says Vikram feels that she is always wrong. Rhea thinks she deserves this stress, she will make you apologize.

Prachi is in the car and recalls Vikram’s words and recalls Ranbir’s words. Ranbir also thinks about her words. He calls to Prachi then Prachi asks how he knows that she wants to talk to him. Ranbir asks why is she not saying anything and there is no sound from anyone. Prachi says you notice everything and tells that she is going to the temple. She asks him where he went without informing her. Prachi’s car stops at the signal. The goons also stop their bike and stare at her Mangalutra. Ranbir says that he knows the meaning of Mangalsutra. She tells him that they will talk when he will come back to the house. Episode ends. Stay tuned for more updates.


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