The latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya begins with Ranbir who is talking with his friends. On the other side, Rhea talks to people and hears some people. She tells that she will not let them kidnap her from this house. She scolds the people and tells them she knows that they came here to kidnap Laxmi. Rhea tells them she is calling the police and the people say that they are going from here. Their leaders stand quiet and Rhea says that they are not going to help you as they are leaving the place soon.

Kumkum Bhagya 16th March 2022 Written Update

Their leader (Palwinder) says that they just talked about leaving the plan not the ground. Palwinder says that they are best friends. Rhea says that they can’t kidnap Laxmi because if they are not going to help her, she will not let them help. Rhea tells that they will have to apply colors on Prachi’s face. She asks them to apply color on her face otherwise, she will call Police. Palwinder gets ready to apply color on Prachi’s face. Another side, Rishi and Aliksha is fighting with each other. She says that why did he play Holi with Laxmi.

Rishi tells that he likes to play with her and there is no rule that if they are getting married so, they need to apply color first. They continue their fight and Rishi says that everyone plays Holi. He says that she is doing wrong and point out his character. Suddenly, Aliksha picks up her mother’s call and tells her everything. Her mother tells that Laxmi never fought with him. She always meets him politely.

She tells that Laxmi is loving him and because of this, he is playing Holi with Laxmi. Her mother suggests her to stay close to Rishi with love and care. Aliksha says that she needs to find out. On the other side, Ranbir’s friends meet Prachi and say why every male is stupid and every female is beautiful. He tells Prachi everything that Rishi and Laxmi love to each other. He can’t make him understand that he loves Laxmi, not Aliksha.

Prachi says that if they have decided to live together so, no one can’t separate them. He tells her to stay close to Ranbir. Suddenly, Prachi is about to fall as she is feeling whirl and Laxmi holds her. She tells her that she is pregnant and because of this, she can’t celebrate Holi with anyone. She feels happy after sharing this.

On the other side, Rhea comes with Palwinder and his friends to Aliya. She misunderstands and Rhea tells her that they are going to help her in the Holi celebration. The Episode Ends.


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