The episode starts with Tanu replies to  Pragya that they live Abhi more than anything and cannot live without him. Pragya says that the one whom you know as Pragya dies. Now I am left with no emotions. When a person dies, she doesn’t care about anyone. Now I will make your life like hell. You will suffer the same I suffered because of you all. Now I will make sure that you both go to the jail.

Kumkum Bhagya 16th July 2021

Now I will punish you only for the eventually wrong thing that you will do. I will not even warn you to do so. Tanu says that now I came to know why you are not Abhi as you have changed a lot. Abhi walking on the street and one of his neighbours stops him. He says him to massage his feet as they are hurting.

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He asks him did he get his salary. He says yes I got this. Abhi asks him to buy him alcohol. He says that you should have tea, but Abhi says that I want alcohol only if he can buy him. Abhi says that I haven’t met the lady whose purse Tanu stole. He says that I don’t want Tanu to know that. The neighbour asks Abhi if he is in love. The neighbours start singing songs and Abhi feels like someone threw tea on his face. They say that if you want to be with the queen then you have to earn her. Prachi

appreciates Ranbir for making delicious mixed vegetables and also Ranbir praises her for making tortillas. He asks her for his mobile then Prachi says that she sold that. He asks how much amount you got for the handset. He sees that Sid called her many times and Prachi advises him to answer the call but Ranbir said that he has ruined our candlelight dinner. Sid texts Ranbir explaining he needs to talk to him and not Prachi. Ranbir answer the call and Sid explains that he has found the girl but needs

Ranbir to see her face. He says that he can proceed ahead. Ranbir says that I am excited that Sid has finally found a girl and will live happily with her. Sid says that is m taking a selfie so you can see my girl. He asks Rabbit to see the left side so he can find the girl. Rhea kneels down when Ranbir turned around to see her. Sid asks how did Ranbir feel about that girl but he reverts that he is not interested. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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