We are back with the latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya. The upcoming episode of the show begins with Police who is taking Rhea and Ranbir to the police station. Prachi sees everything from video calls. She says that now, she is going to live her night in jail. Prachi says that she can’t even touch her because Ranbir is hers.

Kumkum Bhagya 16th February 2022 Written Update

Suddenly, Prachi thinks that what is she saying. She is just doing this to lose Rhea in this and she has won the challenge. Prachi says that everything will be sorted and she will win everything. She will also win her husband from Rhea.

On the other side, Dida shouts at Shayna because she is asking that she want to leave this house. Dida asks her to live in the house because Prachi needs her. Shayna says that she can’t live here due to the last scene with Pallavi and Aliya. It is a question of her reputation. Dida says that now, her reputation is bigger than Prachi? Dida says that she needs to stay here and she will handle everything alone.

Dida makes understanding to Shayna and suggests to her that she needs to help Prachi as Aliya is helping Rhea. Shayna gets ready to live in the house and Shayna wishes that if she gets a magical sword and will disappear Aliya and Rhea and then break it.

On the other side, Rhea talks to a Police officer and says that she is not like that girl. The police officer says that he always arrest that girl from the hotel and every girl says the same. He better knows such like of girls. Rhea argues with a police officer and he asks her to control her tongue. She doesn’t know to whom she is talking with. Rhea warns the police officer that she will snatch his dress. Ranbir sees everything and says that she doesn’t scare of the police.

Police warn her and Rhea suggest that she need make one call. Rhea calls Aliya but she doesn’t pick up the call. Rhea asks police to talk to police about them and tells that to whom they belong. Rhea asks him to do something. Ranbir tries to talk to a police officer. Police asks Ranbir for the marriage certificate.

Rhea remembers her past and what Prachi did with her on her marriage. On the other side, Prachi remembers her past with Ranbir and cries. Suddenly, she stops thinking and says that she has gone mad. She talks to each other.

Prachi breaks everything and says what is she thinking. She cries and put everything in its place. She sees Ranbir and Rhea wedding album book. Prachi remembers everything with Ranbir and remembers his promises.

She sees his pictures with Rhea and says that he is a liar. She tears everything. Pallavi and Aliya hear her voice and come near her room. They see Prachi in this situation. She says that she did with her and can’t let this happen. The Episode Ends.


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