Here, we are going to share the latest written update of ZeeTV’s popular show, Kumkum Bhagya which is going interesting in recent days. Saturday, April 16 begins with Ranbir, Rhea, Aliya, and Pallavi who is talking with each other and Ranbir sees Vikram that he is sleeping on the sofa. He says that why is he sleeping here and Pallavi says “Sleeping Pills”. Aliya and Rhea get shocked as they hear this from Pallavi. She says that he took sleeping pills before. Rhea gets worried and thinks that if something goes wrong with him, she will have to face another problem.

kumkum bhagya

Later, Prachi thinks about Ranbir when he hugged her. Ranbir comes from behind and sees her. Prachi doesn’t see him but says that he should have stayed out of the room. Ranbir says that she still knows each other. Ranbir says that can she give him some relief moments? She asks her to give him some relief and doesn’t have any other reason. Prachi says that she is not feeling well and they should go somewhere. Ranbir asks him to give her a hand so, they can go somewhere they can feel better.

Prachi holds his hand they go from there. On the other side, Rhea gets tensed and thinks about Nick, Ranbir, and everything. Aliya asks her why did she sit there? Rhea says that they both have been trapped. Rhea says that she did a mistake. Aliya asks her to don’t blame her. Rhea and Aliya come into a heated argument. They support each other.

They think that they will have to take him out of this house. Aliya says what about Ranbir and Rhea tells her that he went with Prachi and thinks that once, Pallavi goes into her room to sleep. On the other side, Prachi and Ranbir reach on the terrace and spend their time with each other. Ranbir and Prachi sit on the bench and they talk to each other.

On the other side, Pallavi feels sleepy and Rhea asks her to take some rest. Pallavi agrees and goes from there. Aliya and Rhea say that everyone should sleep first and then, they can do anything. Aliya says that they need to take him up. While Ranbir and Prachi is still on the terrace. Ranbir falls asleep on her shoulder and she reminds her past with him. Prachi asks him to wake up and he says that he felt sleepy. On the other side, Prachi mistakenly drops something on the floor and Ranbir sees Nick’s shoes there.

Suddenly, Ranbir reaches where Nick was tied. He sees Nick there including Aliya and Rhea there. She acts as if they are sleeping there. But before Ranbir was there, they took back Nick to the same place and tied him once again. The Episode Ends.


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