The latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya begins with Prachi and Ranbir. He asks her not to move his things in this room because when she will go out of this house, he says that he doesn’t mean to do this. Suddenly, Prachi again tries to knock the frame once again and she gets injured and Ranbir asks her to sit and he gives ointment to her and says that he is not caring for her otherwise, she will disturb him once again. Suddenly, Pallavi sees them and gets shocked. Prachi asks him about her sudden change and Ranbir says that she did not change yet.

Kumkum Bhagya, 15th December 2021

Ranbir covers his photo frame from the handkerchief and says that now, Ranbir is not here. Ranbir says that her eyes show something. They talk to each other and Prachi shows her anger once again. Ranbir says that her heartbeats are revealing everything that she loves him.

Ranbir challenges her by saying that he is ready for everything and if she came here to tease him, she can do this easily. On the other side, Pallavi thinks that she can’t understand either she came here to take revenge or accept Ranbir again. While Prachi is spoiling the decoration in her room.

Suddenly, Prachi feels stomach pain and another side, Ranbir couldn’t sleep. Prachi takes Ranbir’s name and Ranbir gets up from is bed. He comes to the door of Prachi’s room and Prachi stands near her room door on another side. They both get down and think about each other.

On the other side, Rhea gets up and feels strange, she says that she can’t sleep here and goes to her room. Prachi decides that she will take revenge on her and Ranbir says that now, everything will be changed.

Rhea comes and asks about his presence outside the room. Prachi comes outside and says what are they doing here. Ranbir goes but Rhea says to Prachi that what is she doing here? Rhea asks her to go from this house and they remind past to each other about their parents.

Prachi asks her to leave this house otherwise, she will be thrown out of this house. Prachi warns her that after three days, she will be thrown out of this house. Rhea says that she is the strong root of the house and Rhea also warns her to go out of this house.

Prachi says that she can’t move her from the house. Rhea says that she will have to change everything in this house. Rhea gets up and says that she will prove today that she is a good daughter-in-law of the house. Ranbir wakes her up and Prachi says that what is he doing here? Ranbir says this is his room and she replies that who snatched someone’s rights, they can also get back. The Episode Ends.


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