Maybe, the watchers of Kumkum Bhagya are excited to watch the upcoming episode of the show. Lots of things have taken place in the last few episodes and once again, the fans are excited to watch tonight’s episode. As the previous episode has shown something turning to the fans, they are expecting something interesting in the latest episode. When Rhea alleged to Prachi that she stole her mangalsutra, Prachi replied her by saying that she will find her mangalsutra and that if she will so, Rhea will have to apologize to her in front of all.

kumkum bhagya

Later, Prachi went to Rhea’s room and tried to find it but Pallavi said that she will not ask Rhea to apologize because she will bring it from her room so, how can she find it. Sahana says that this is wrong and Prachi didn’t steal mangalsutra from her room. On another side, Ranbir went to Rhea’s room to find out the Mangalsutra and said that what was meant to say that her mangalsutra is always tied to husband and wife, and if there is no relation between us so, what is her mangalsutra happening in her neck?

Ranbir forcefully asked her to reply to him and Prachi told him that she has to find her mangalsutra Ranbir continuously asked her what was the reason behind this. Prachi told him that her mangalsutra will always remain in her neck until his last breath because he is her husband. Suddenly, she moved as she got teary and doesn’t want to show this to Ranbir. While Ranbir saw Rhea’s mangalsutra in a towel and told her that he found it for her.

Prachi took it from the towel and went back to the family where they denied accepting that she found it, Pallavi and Rhea said that she brought it from her room where she hid it. Prachi said that this is not right and asked Ranbir to tell everyone what is the reality because they will not agree with her. Ranbir asked her to say “Please” and Prachi said Please to him and Ranbir told that they found this in Rhea’s room.

Now, the upcoming episode is going to be twisting because Ranbir is going to be stabbed. Yes, Ranbir will be attacked by some goons and he will be stabbed in the middle on the road. He will fight between his life and death and another side, Sahana can be seen making understand to Prachi that she will have to give him a reason to live because he needs her. Prachi gets understood and can be seen rushing to him to reveal everything. Prachi tells him that she is pregnant.


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