We are back with the latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya and fans are too excited to watch the next episode of the show. In the latest episode of the serial, we will see that Police receive a necklace from Prachi’s room and they say that they will have to arrest her. Dida says that she did not steal any necklace.

kumkum bhagya

Vikram asks Dida to let the Police work his job. Prachi says that she needs five minutes and Police denies but Rhea gives her permission. Prachi goes in her room and changes her clothes. Suddenly, Rhea comes there and smiles.

Rhea taunts Prachi and today, will she not say to her? Rhea says that she likes it when someone calls Prachi a thief. Rhea says that she is leaving this house today. Rhea says that when she entered the house, she snatched everything from her including her husband and family.

Rhea says that she spoiler her honeymoon and everything and today, she managed everything for her. She will have to live in jail rest of her life. Rhea says never to meet her again. Prachi says that not today but they will meet soon.

Prachi says that she is a co-wife of Ranbir and soon, she will come back in this house. Rhea says that everything will be fined because she is leaving this house. They both come into a heated argument.

Prachi gives befitting replies to her and asks her to see everything in this room. Prachi says that this is a room of her and her husband. Prachi says that Neil Armstrong was the first person who landed on moon but no one knows who was Edwin Eugene? He was the second person and like him, no one knows Rhea.

Rhea gets happy and thinks that she is leaving this house. Prachi goes from there. Another side, Dida asks Vikram to do something but he says that he can’t do anything because it is a fight between two sisters and he doesn’t want to involve in this. He says that he helped but under the border of the house. On the other side, Prachi comes out and says thanks to her.

Shayna shouts at everyone in the house and says that everyone in the house covers their eyes. Police brought Prachi out of this house and everyone sees her. Shayna says that Rhea frauds with Prachi. Shayna scolds everyone and Aliya asks her to go out of this house.

Later, Shayna calls Jai and asks about Ranbir because Ranbir’s call is unreachable. Shayna tells everything to Jai and he asks to Ranbir’s driver. He tells her that he is leaving for London and Jai says that he will handle this.

Prachi is not feeling good in the jail and thinks about her past. She talks to her shadow who says to her that she took a wrong decision in her life. The Episode Ends.


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