The latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya begins with Prachi and Rhea. Well, in the previous episode, we saw that Rhea got to know that there is Prachi behind all the incidents. Everyone was planned by Prachi and now, she is spoiling Rhea’s honeymoon. But, because of Prachi’s overness, Rhea also succeed in her plan and reached the hotel with Ranbir.

Kumkum Bhagya

Rhea called Prachi and told everything that she has been reached there. Prachi got shocked after seeing this. Prachi told everything that it was planned and she asked the driver to have rest. She brought the Sushma’s driver there to help her.

Rhea said to her that she was attacked by hiding herself. Prachi said that it was her habit and she never did this. Prachi made fun of her and Rhea says that soon, they will become together. Now, the latest episode shows that Rhea throws the phone on the road and Ranbir notices this.

On the other side, Prachi says that she sacrificed her smile because of others and now, the time has been changed and she will spoil everything. Later, Dida gets happy in her room and Shayna says what happened? Dida tells everything to her and they dance together.

But they don’t know that Aliya is listening to them. She goes from there with anger. Dida and Shayna dance together. On the other side, Ranbir asks the reason behind this and Rhea tells that Prachi is spoiling her honeymoon. She just wants to see her with dirt so, Ranbir will not like her. Rhea says that she challenged her. Ranbir talks to each other and says that if Prachi tells him that he should not go on a honeymoon so, he couldn’t.

Rhea says that she will not let her win this challenge. Ranbir says that now, he will ground them. On the other side, Prachi gets upset in her room and says that he should not go on this honeymoon. It was her plan and he wanted to go with her. Suddenly, Prachi feels a liber pain and says that she will not tell anyone about this.

Prachi decides that she will be yours. On the other side, Rhea scolds the driver and says that he will have to start the car otherwise, she will upload his video on social media, and soon, he will become viral. Because of this, he will not get any job and will never drive a car.

The driver sits in the car and Rhea says that the car was not damaged and it was all planned by Prachi. Suddenly, the driver drives the car. Ranbir and Rhea shouts from behind and driver throws their bags out of the car. He drives the car. Rhea says that we are the empty road. Ranbir suggests that they will need to book a taxi and will have to go back to home. Rhea says that they will definitely go to a honeymoon.

Ranbir thinks about Prachi and says that she gave a better reply to Rhea. She has become intelligent and strong. Rhea and Ranbir decide to go to a nearby hotel. The Episode Ends.


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