Many people are excited to watch the high voltage drama of Kumkum Bhagya that begins with something new and unexpected. Fans are too excited to watch the next episode because of its amazing concept and recent ongoing drama. As we have seen in the previous episode that Nick has been caught by Ranbir and his family. Because of this, Aliya and Rhea got shocked as Nick will reveal their name in front of all and they will be exposed. When Nick was unconscious, they tied Nick with the help of rope and Vikram keeps his eyes on him as he couldn’t run anywhere.

kumkum bhagya

It will be interesting to watch how Ranbir will reveal the truth in front of all but still, no one knows how it will happen? Along with this, we have also seen that when Sahana was about to reveal everything, Rhea drugs her from behind and made her unconscious so, she couldn’t tell anything to anyone. When Sahana fell down, Rhea shouts and everyone got shocked after seeing her condition. Everyone keeps their eyes on Sahana and Ranbir took her in his arms and went to the room. Dida, Ranbir, Vikram, and Pallavi got confused that how she fell down.

Now, the upcoming episode begins with Aliya and Rhea discussing Sahana and her condition. Rhea says that if she will wake up so, the blast will happen. They both are worried that Sahana knows the entire truth behind the attack on Prachi and she will reveal everything. Their discussion is heard by Pallavi and she raises a lot of questions in front of them.

Later, Ranbir and Vikram tie Nick with a rope and inform everyone that they tied Nick. They will find the main person who was responsible for the deadly attack on Prachi. Prachi asks Ranbir to hand over him to the police as he could be in a danger as well. Ranbir explains to Prachi that she is worried about the person who attacked her but later, Prachi agrees.

Later, we will get to see a romantic moment between Prachi and Ranbir when they will be in their room and Ranbir hugs her tightly. He asks her to take some rest but later, the episode will be changed when Ranbir will see Rhea opening the knot of the rope and suspects that she is responsible for the Prachi’s attack. He blames her but Rhea defends herself by saying that she doesn’t like her but it doesn’t mean that she will hurt her like this. The Episode Ends.


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