One of the most important and highly anticipated daily soups, Kumkum Bhagya will be going on very well and millions of people all around the country are waiting to watch the upcoming episode of the show. So, we already know that the show is actually garnered lots of attention and a very huge amount of TRP from the audience.

Kumkum Bhagya, Latest Episode 13th September 2021

The episode that will be going to air tonight will actually be very superb in which the makers showing some amazing moments. The episode begins with Pragya accepting that she filled the wine bottles with colored water in front of Abhi.

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After knowing this, Abhi argues with her. Then, Sumit, Amit, and Gattu apologize to her and leave from there. When they all leave from there, Pragya says to Abhi that he wanted to show that he is superior but she proved it and did all these for his betterment. After telling this, she also leaves from there.

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In the next scene, Rhea comes to Prachi’s room because she wants her to handle the guests but when she enters her room, Prachi isn’t there. Now, she comes to confirm if Prachi and Ranbir went out of the house. On the other hand, Prachi also worried for Rhea and saying Ranbir that if she was there with Rhea then she helps her a lot to handle the guests.

Ranbir asks her to be in the room and asks her to give her hands and holds her hands. Then, he plays her favorite song, and then Prachi smiles by saying that why he is so good. Then, Ranbir replies to her that she made him good. Suddenly, Rhea shouts and says that they can’t be together. She throws a vase in her anger and says that she is here to become good in the eyes of Ranbir, not in the eye of her mother-in-law. She further says that Ranbir will be her. Suddenly Abhi comes into the room and asks if she is enjoying ruining the entire party.

When Abhi asks this, Pragya says it was a plan to stick her into trouble and drank with friends. Pragya asks him to sleep but Abhi says he thinks she made a plan and got success in her plan. Pragya asks him to write 100 times that he will not drink anymore and will get sleep. Abhi says he will going to search the entire house to get wine.

Pragya stops him and asks him to tell him what he did and what she did in the past two years. Abhi leaves from there by saying that it is her trick to divert him. Now, Kumkum Bhagya tonight’s episode will surely entertain everyone a lot. Now, if you want to watch the complete episode then you just need to stay on the Zee TV to watch it.


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