The latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya begins with Prachi who is shouting at Rhea and warning her not to keep her evil eyes on her Mangalsutra. Prachi warns her to keep away from this Mangalsutra otherwise, it will be harmed. She says that she can’t handle her mangalsutra and go to handle her husband. Suddenly, Aliya says that she just can make doubts and she stole her mangalsutra. Aliya blames her and says that she stole this and Prachi gives her befitting replies to her and says that she is just entertaining everyone in this house. Suddenly, Pallavi holds Prachi’s hands and stops her.

kumkum bhagya

She says that the conversation will end when they will find her mangalsutra. Prachi asks her to find her mangalsutra. Pallavi asks her if she will find her mangalsutra so, Rhea will apologize to her in front of all. Prachi goes to find out. Ranbir stands stunned there and Rhea says to Pallavi that she stole that. Aliya says that she will take out her mangalsutra from her drawer and will say that she has found it. Sahana says that Prachi never lies and Pallavi shouts at her. Suddenly, Ranbir shouts at everyone and asks them to shut up. Ranbir says that the door is open and he will go out of the house.

Pallavi says that will he leave alone? Ranbir says that he will keep silent outside. Rhea says that her mangalsutra is everything and if he will go out of this house so, he will go out, so there is nothing. Ranbir goes to Prachi and Sahana says that she copied Prachi’s line. Sahana gives befitting replies to Rhea and another side, Prachi says to Dida that she will apologize to her.

Pallavi says that Prachi will say sorry to her because she stole it and will bring it from where she hid it. Prachi goes inside Rhea’s room and Ranbir comes to her and asks what did she say outside? Prachi says that she has to find Rhea’s mangalsutra. Ranbir says that he wants an answer and Prachi asks him to leave as she has to find Rhea’s mangalsutra. They argue with each other and Prachi says that until he is alive, it remains in her neck.

Suddenly, Ranbir sees Rhea’s mangalsutra and asks her to take it. Ranbir comes to the hall and Prachi comes with Rhea’s mangalsutra. She gives it to Rhea and Ranbir says that he knows but her attitude will not agree with him to reveal anything and asks her to say please. Ranbir says that Prachi didn’t steal it and mistakenly, she threw out of her neck. Prachi gives her befitting replies and says that she lost her. Prachi asks her to apologize. The Episode Ends.


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