The latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya begins with Police who are asking for proof from Prachi against Rhea. Vikram says that she needs time to prove herself and Rhea says to her that four days are remaining and Police say that they will have to arrest her. Police is about to take her but suddenly, Ranbir comes there and he asks the inspector to leave her. The inspector checked documents and Ranbir unlocked her. Everyone gets shocked. Rhea says don’t leave her because if something wrong will happen so, who will be blamed? Inspector says that no one will be blamed because when the incident took place, Prachi was not in the house.

Kumkum Bhagya 12th May 2022 Written Update

The inspector shows her a picture of Prachi outside the house. Police say that they will have to arrest Aliya. Inspector says that when the incident took place, her Bua brought a toolbox inside the house. The inspector shows her an image of CCTV. Aliya says that she brought this to use in the house. Ranbir says that he knew everything and because of this, he hired a detective. The Inspector thanks to Ranbir and leaves. Later, Rhea talks to the moon and stands on the wall. She says that she is coming to the moon and about to take a step ahead. Suddenly, Aliya sees her and thinks that she is attempting suicide.

Aliya asks her to come back and Rhea says that she is not jumping and if she will do this so, her dreams will be finished. Rhea says that she will complete her dreams again. Rhea asks for her hand and comes down. Rhea goes back into her room and says that she was not doing this. Another side, Prachi walks alone, and suddenly, Aliya says that she knows her reality and warns her to stay away from her Rhea. Later, Rhea gets ready for Ranbir to sleep in the same room and says that he will definitely notice her.

Ranbir says to Prachi that if she can’t do anything so, she doesn’t need. Later, Rhea tries to find her Mangalsutra and says that she left it on the table and after that, she didn’t get that. Rhea thinks that she stole her Mangalsutra and shouts at her at the dining table. Rhea says that she stole her Mangalsutra. Prachi tells her that she went into her room to take her clothes. Rhea blames on her and says that she wants her mangalsutra. Suddenly, Rhea tries to snatch Prachi’s mangalsutra and she holds her hand. Prachi warns her don’t dare to touch her mangalsutra. The Episode Ends.


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