Fans are eagerly waiting to watch the next episode of the serial, Kumkum Bhagya, the latest episode of the serial begins with Prachi who is sleeping in her room and she sees Shayna who is sitting in her room and waiting for her as she will get up and Shayna tells everything to her. Prachi wakes up and asks what is she doing here? Shayna says that she was waiting for her to get up and wants to tell her something. Prachi gets tense and says that what does she want to tell her?

Kumkum Bhagya 12th March 2022 Written Update

As we have seen in the previous episode that Rhea made a plan to take Ranbir in her room and make her honeymoon with him while he is unconscious. Well, Rhea got successful in her plan and she took him to the room. Along with this, Prachi was sleeping and even didn’t imagine that Rhea had planned against her and she mixed drugs in her thandai. Ranbir and Rhea spent their time in a single room and Shayna came outside their room to disturb them. Suddenly, Pallavi came outside their room and warns Shayna that she doesn’t need to disturb their children. She is a tourist in the house and if she will do something wrong, she will kick her out of this house.

Shayna wants to do something but because of Prachi, she can’t do anything. Later at the morning, Aliya meets Rhea and asks about her night with Ranbir. Rhea tells her that she was with her the whole night but she couldn’t make her honeymoon with her. Rhea tells her that when she went close to him, she fell asleep. Aliya says that she has to play a drama that shows, she had a beautiful night with Ranbir and everyone will think that Ranbir slept with her and they made their honeymoon.

On the other side, Shayna tells Prachi that she doesn’t need to take the wrong Ranbir because there is no mistake of him. Prachi couldn’t understand what is she trying to say. Shayna tells her that Ranbir and Rhea is together since last night. Prachi rushes to their room and find Pallavi and Aliya there who is happy with this. Suddenly, Ranbir feels strange and regret that she slept with Rhea. He sees Prachi who leaves them alone.

Now, the upcoming episode will also show something interesting where Kumkum Bhagya and Bhagya Lakshmi will be seen in the special Holi episode. Prachi and Lakshmi will spoil all the plans of Rhea against Prachi. Let’s wait for the latest episode of the serial.


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