The latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya begins when Abhi holds the hand of Aliya and brings her to the other side of the office and talks to her about her job to whom she is working. Abhi says that if you have interested to work so, has she understood who is giving work to her. Aliya says that Pragya asks her to work. Abhi says if Pragya said so, and she knows very well which kind of person Gaurav is? Does Aliya say which kind of person he is? Abhi says if she doesn’t know about this so, let find out. Abhi says go and asks Pragya about Gaurav.

Kum Kum Bhagya

Aliya tries to provoke Abhi again by saying that maybe, Pragya is lying and he didn’t do anything. Abhi says that he saw by his eyes and when it was happening, he was there and don’t try to bring the name of Tanu who just sees her own benefit. Abhi ask that why did you not tell me before? Aliya says that it slip from her mind and maybe, it is important that I got a new job. To whom I am working with or not. Abhi asks her to leave the job but Aliya denies it by saying that this job is giving her a good salary and respect. Life is giving her a chance and why should not take this?

Aliya says to them that tender is about to open so, let’s meet in a conference room. Later, Pragya says thanks to him for her help. Pragya thinks well for him as he is playing his relationship good. On the other side, Prachi cooks food for guests, and suddenly, Ranbir comes there and teases her. They again spend quality time with each other. Suddenly, Prachi mistakenly puts flour on his face and later, Ranbir kisses Prachi’s chicks. Shaina sees everything and later when she comes to Rhea, she sees Rhea standing. Rhea says that she can walk.

Rhea says that she can stop them. Saina says that she saw them romancing with each other in the kitchen and says that they both are a sweet couple. Rhea gets angry after hearing this. Saina says that it is a reality and Rhea says that yes, this is real but temporary.

Saina says that they both are happy as sweet husband-wife. Rhea says that you are also happy but still, you are here with me. Saina replies that fights are temporary in husband-wife. Rhea asks Saina to leave from here. After some time, when the tender is announced and all hear the name of Kiara Arora, Aliya says whose company is this? Sushma says it’s Pragya’s company and Gaurav gets shocked.

Abhi and Pragya remember their past. Abhi gets happy and hugs her. On the other side, Pallavi sees Ranbir in the house and asks that why is he here? Vikram comes and he has tea which is made by Prachi and says that everything is feeling good. Vikram says that have you still kept secret? Ranbir forces ask the point and Vikram reveals that Pallavi is going to take space of Rajeshwari. Simply, she is going to become a chairperson of the Rajshri foundation.

Pallavi asks Prachi to make tea for her and again, give her responsibility. On the other side, Abhi congratulates her. Pragya taunts Gaurav Thapar and Aliya. Pragya warns Gaurav Thapar. The Episode Ends.


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