Kumkum Bhagaya, the latest episode begins with Prachi who is sleeping alongside Ranbir. He says I Love You in his sleep and Prachi asks him what did he say. Ranbir repeats this and they hold each other hands. Another side, Shayna says to Aliya that she needs to understand the value of a person. Pallavi asks Shayna not to interrupt between them. The police inspector says that she has made this matter complicated but she has to go to the police station. Aliya agrees that she needs to say sorry and give money for her mistakes.

kumkukm bhagya

Suddenly, Rhea finds Ranbir alongside Prachi and she asks them to get up. Prachi asks her what did she want. Prachi says that she needs rest. Prachi says that she doesn’t want to fight and Prachi thinks that it is Ranbir’s room and about to leave. Rhea stops her and says that this is her room and What is Ranbir doing here? Rhea says that she took him to the room because she had to let him do something wrong. Rhea says that today, she will give her name where abuse will be seen better than this.

Prachi scolds Rhea and says that she needs rest. Prachi asks her to leave this room as she needs rest. Prachi asks Ranbir to get up and go into her room. Prachi asks Ranbir to get and Rhea takes him to the room. Suddenly, Shayna sees Ranbir and says what is he doing this. Rhea says that she doesn’t have any work to do. Rhea insults Shayna and asks him to leave this room. Rhea says that she is the wife of Ranbir.

Rhea says even Prachi asks her to take him away. Shayna goes to Prachi’s room and asks her to get up. Shayna is trying to get up but she can’t as she is feeling sleepy. Another side, Rhea is planning to create her honeymoon with Ranbir. He thinks that Prachi is with her. He is about to kiss her. Pallavi stops Shayna not to interrupt them. Pallavi says that Ranbir is a child of her if he wanted a moon so, should she give him? Shayna says that so, why did she give him a sun. Pallavi again warns her not to interrupt her family matters.

Pallavi says that Prachi can argue with them. Pallavi warns her that she will have to leave this house. Shayna says that she is going to pray to God. Pallavi says tonight, she will stay in front of Ranbir and Rhea’s room. On the other side, Vikram wakes up from his sleep and says that he was sleeping the whole day. He says someone gave her bhang. Suddenly, he reads a note and finds that he did not invite his relatives. He calls Rishi and invites him to the Holi festival.

Mr Oberoi says that they will come to celebrate this festival with their family. In the morning, Prachi wakes up from her sleep and sees Shayna in the bedroom. Shayna says that she is sitting in the room. Another side, Rhea tells Aliya that she was with Ranbir the whole night. The Episode Ends.


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