Kumkum Bhagaya is a very popular show, the show has great TRP on the television. The show is running with a good amount of viewers. The show always runs with good TRP. We have seen many twists in the show, here we will share all the highlights of the show. We have seen in the show, that Prachi tells Ranbeer about her pregnancy, and she says he is about to be a father.

Kumkum Bhagya 11th January 2022

We see Ranbeer gets happy after hearing this wonderful news. We have seen in the show that, Prachi and Ranbeer spend some quality time with each other, they talk a lot to each other. Then Prachi and Ranbeer are about to marry. After that Riya comes out of the Room.

Riya says stop all these things. Riya shouts to stop and stop, but Prachi and Ranbeer say will not stop. Riya says you both are not in the right sense, You both are drunk, so stop this. Ranbeer says no this will happen and God can’t stop this marriage as well.

The entire family comes there and they see they are getting married in the room. Dadi gives blessings to them and Pallavi says why are you giving the blessing to them, she says Prachi is his wife. Aliya shouts, Riya says this marriage is totally baseless because they both are drunk, they are in their proper sense.

Dadi says we are seeing them getting married, and we are witness of this then what is the problem Dadi scolds Riya. Pallavi and aliya try to stop marrying. Now the is getting is very interesting and entertaining for the viewers.

According to the promo videos, Show is getting thrilling. You will see in the latest episode Riya starts to taunt Prachi, then Ranveer interrupts, Riya says Ranveer will not say anything, she says she wants to over something and this matter is Between Prachi and Riya.

Ranveer asks what’s the matter, Riya says you are the matter. If you have filled her parting with Vermilion so you have filled my parting as well. Riya talks about last night’s drama, However, Prachi has forgotten all things. Pachi says Riya has done wrong. She wants my sign on Guilt expectations papers.

Prachi is ready to do something shocking, Prachi and her Friend make a plan, Prachi says she will ruin the life of Riya, she has ruined my life. They will enter the house as Income tax department for rade. Dadi says to the entire family, that’s all are my fault income tax officers are here because of me. she Prachi and her friend start to search the papers. Prachi and her friends came as men.

Suddenly Vikram finds he is Prachi. Then you will a thrilling point when Prachi and her friend start to go from the with papers, Riya says Stop officers, then Prachi gets scared. Episodes end. You can watch the show on Zee Tv if you want to watch its entire episodes so you can watch it on Zee5 App at any time. Stay tuned for more updates.


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