We are back with the latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya. The episode begins with Prachi who is standing near the car. Rhea asks what is she doing here? Prachi says that she is also going with her. Rhea says what? Prachi says that she is just joking and can’t tolerate the long journey.

Kumkum Bhagya, 11th February 2022 written update

Prachi says that she arranged the car for her because the driver is sick. Rhea says that she is lying and Pallavi also says the same. She says that let her check whether she is lying or not. Pallavi calls the driver and says that he is sick and can’t come today.

Prachi says to Rhea that she will definitely spoil her honeymoon. Rhea gets shocked as she can’t understand the plan of Prachi. Pallavi comes and tells that driver is sick. Rhea sits in the car and Prachi says that the challenge begins and she had a chance to delay her honeymoon but she did not do this and she will have to think about this.

Rhea goes from there and says that she will miss her on honeymoon and Prachi replies not for a long time. Later, Dida tells Shayna that she sent Rhea and Ranbir on honeymoon and they don’t know what she is doing.

Shayna and Dida talk to each other and say that they will need to know the plan of Prachi. On the other side, Aliya and Pallavi come to the room and get relax. Aliya says that she can’t relax since she saw Prachi with a car. She is not happy with this honeymoon but she did this.

Pallavi thinks that they have gone on a honeymoon and they should take advantage of this. They will have to teach a lesson. Later, Prachi thinks about her honeymoon with Ranbir. She has a dream to go to Manali with Ranbir. Prachi feels upset again. On the other side, Rhea thinks about Prachi’s plan.

Suddenly, the car stops and the driver says that the car stopped suddenly. The driver check the engine of the car and she scares as the car stopped in the middle of the road in a jungle. The driver says that Ranbir will have to push the car otherwise, the car will start.

Rhea understands that Prachi damaged the car and therefore, she did this. Ranbir and Rhea push the car and the driver shows the situation to Prachi through video call. While Prachi is looking at the call, Dida sees everything from outside the door.

Dida understands the plan of Prachi and the Driver says that Rhea is coming and he will have to cut the call. Prachi says that let her see this and she takes the phone from the driver. Rhea sees Prachi and gets shocked. The Episode Ends.


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