Kumkum Bhagya has come with another amazing episode of the day and it will be interesting to watch the next episode tonight. We have seen in the previous episode that Prachi is revealing everything in front of NGO ladies and a police inspector.

Kumkum Bhagya 11th December 2021 Episode

She even asked Pallavi to stay away from this matter otherwise, she will be jailed along with Rhea because she made plans with her to separate them. Prachi asks the police if she has done fake marriage and now, it’s time to show her real law house. Suddenly, Rhea came to hit her and Prachi pushed her towards Pallavi.

Prachi said that she is asking for her rights otherwise, everyone will be jailed from this house. NGOs ladies asked police to arrest her and Rhea begged her and said that she is her sister and can’t do this. Rhea begged to everyone. Suddenly, Prachi stopped the police and asked police to take her complaint back. Prachi asked him to leave and she will give her punishment under this roof.

Prachi said that she will live in this house. NGOs ladies ask Prachi to support her and they will come with when Prachi gives them a call. They said that if something wrong will happen to them, the half property of Kohli family will be given to Prachi.

Ranbir said to them that if he want to take a divorce to her so, he will have to leave with her forcefully. They said that he will have to follow the procedure of the court. He can’t cheat her like this. Prachi said that it is a fight for her right and she will have to win this. Prachi goes to her room where she lived with him and said that everything has been changed. She will never forgive her, said Prachi.

Ranbir asked everyone to leave and after this, he asked everything to Rhea and even then, Pallavi is here to support her and Ranbir gets angry over everyone. Ranbir yells at everyone in the house and Ranbir asked about the ink on her thumb. Rhea revealed that she was leaving with her forcefully.

Now, the upcoming episode will show that how things will change in the Kohli house because Prachi has entered the house with a new avatar and she will start to tease Rhea, Pallavi, and every single person of the house.

When Rhea will come to the Ranbir’s room to take her cloth back and Prachi will also ask her to take a glass of water to her. Prachi says to her that everyone will be punished in the house. Rhea goes to the kitchen and sees Pallavi there, she says that Prachi is behaving like a servant with us. Pallavi asks her to do as she says otherwise, she will send us to jail. On the other side, Ranbir comes to her room and Prachi ignores him.


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