The latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya begins with Ranbir who reaches to the police station, and suddenly, drops his phone. He sees Nick who took a getup of someone else and Ranbir sees him and says that he is the one who was with Rhea in the house during decoration. Nick says Yes and Ranbir goes inside the police station. Nick doubts and follows him. Police Inspector says that they have found the address, name, and many details about Nick. While Nick overhears them. He sees his picture and the police say that they imposed their police officer.

kumkum bhagya

Ranbir and Police Inspector talks to each other. Nick gets worried and suddenly, Nick collides with another inspector and he runs away from there. Nick thinks that Ranbir has been reflected him. He thinks that something will have to do. He calls Preeti and asks for Prachi’s number. She sends him the number and calls Prachi. She picks up the call and Nick warns her by saying that make her husband understand that leave him otherwise the result will hurt her. He says that he will leave him. Nick says that doesn’t need him to become James Bond and stay within his limit.

On the other side, Police leave to arrest Nick with Ranbir. Nick says that he has to take money from Rhea. Another side, Aliya withdraw money from her locker with Rhea and Shayna follows them. She thinks that why did she carry the bag? What is inside the bag? Shayna says that she has to find it. Shayna’s driver says that there are lockers inside the building and they took something from there.

Shayna asks him to follow their car. Rhea recognizes the taxi of Shayna but Aliya says that all taxis are similar and she is just worried. Shayna thinks that maybe, they are carrying cast and why did she withdraw this cash? On the other side, Prachi calls Ranbir and asks him where is he? She forces him to back to home but Ranbir says that he is doing some urgent work and can’t come right now. She continuously forces him and says that I know he is finding the person who attacked her.

Ranbir thinks that how does she know? But Prachi doesn’t want to tell him anything otherwise, he will definitely follow him. He says that he will talk to him later. Later, Police rushed to Nick’s home and Police Inspector says that he didn’t marry yet but had a girlfriend. Police Inspector says that his girlfriend fought with her. The Episode Ends.


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