The latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya begins with Rhea and Aliya. Aliya gives her a drug to mix it in a thandai of Ranbir. He will ask Rhea to take her to his room and then, they can create her honeymoon in the house. Aliya suggests to Rhea that she has 10 minutes to take control of Ranbir. Another side, everyone is celebrating Mahashivratri. Shayna and Prachi talk to each other and they say how Vikram is looking cute. Ranbir comes to them and Ranbir says that did she want to tell him something?

Kumkum Bhagya, Latest Episode 10th March 2022 Written Update

Prachi says that he was in tension and therefore, she did not tell him. Ranbir asks Prachi not to share with anyone about his tension. Suddenly, Vikram reacts funny in front of all and Pallavi comes to him and says that does he has his control. Ranbir and Prachi talk to each other. Pallavi asks him not to drink more and Vikram tells this to Dida that what is she doing? Ranbir says that will she become like a mummy in her future? On the other side, Rhea talks to Aliya and says sorry to her. Rhea says that she was just thinking of her will.

Rhea and Aliya see Ranbir and Prachi together and she mixes drugs in the Ranbir’s thandai. Dida stops Prachi and teases Prachi for Ranbir. Shayna says that she can tease her sister as well. Prachi goes from there and suddenly, Rhea comes with thandai and gives it to Ranbir. He is about to drink and Vikram takes the glass from his hand.

Aliya asks her to mix another tablet in thandai and suddenly, she drops the second tablet. Aliya asks her to mix the third tablet in his drink. Prachi thinks about Ranbir and says that she will take care of him. Rhea comes with another thandai and tries to give it to Ranbir. Suddenly, the glass falls down because of Vikram. He says sorry to Rhea and another side, Aliya searches for the second tablet.

Ranbir asks Vikram to sit and he falls asleep. Ranbir says sorry to Rhea and talks to her. Prachi sees him and gets angry. Ranbir drinks thandai given by Aliya to him. Prachi goes from the place and Ranbir follows him. He asks her to stop and Prachi says that Rhea is not here. Ranbir calls Prachi as Jalkukdi. He says that he will be better in the future. He can handle the house as well.

Prachi compares Ranbir to Vikram. She says that he can say anything after seeing a girl. Ranbir replies that he never lied in front of anygirl. He says that he is too handsome and he recalls his qualities. The Episode Ends.


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