The latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya starts when Prachi reveals that she did not sign on divorce paper and all the documents are faked. Along with this, Prachi reveals that someone is present in this house who wants to break my and Ranbir’s relationship.

Kumkum Bhagya 10th December 2021

As everyone knows that it was a plan of Pallavi who decided to break the relation of them. Rhea asks her to shut up and says no one in the house will sign on the documents. Prachi says that now, you have done this easy for us because someone who did this, present in the house.

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Along with this, many more things will be opened in the house because Prachi will reveal that it was all planned by Rhea who just want to get married with Ranbir and created all the plans against her. Prachi says to police that she married a fake but now, she will have to see the real law house.

Suddenly, Rhea comes to her and is about to slap but Prachi holds her hand and noticed blue ink on her thumb. She says to the police that did you notice on her wedding day, there is a mark of ink on her thumb which is not a coincidence.

Now, the serial takes a new turn where Prachi has been totally changed and ready to take revenge from each and every person of Kohli house. She shows that Rhea was a real culprit who did everything and when Police finds every proof against Rhea, they decided to arrest her. A lady constable enrobes handcuffs, she refused to go and asks help from Ranbir and Pallavi.

Suddenly, Prachi stops the police and asks them to leave her. She decides that she will take revenge on her in this house and suddenly, they find some ladies at the gate. They all are from NGOs that help womans.

Prachi tells everything to them and now, the serial will be interesting to watch because lots of things is ready to take place in the house where the Kohli’s will be warned by police and NGOs ladies if they will tease Prachi in this house once again, they all will have to face life time imprisonment according to the Indian law.

Along with this, Rhea will also play some evil plans in the house to throw Prachi from Ranbir’s life but as we know that Prachi has been changed and just want to take revenge from every single person. Dida is getting happy after seeing a new face of Prachi so, let’s wait to watch the upcoming episode.


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