The latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya begins with Sahana who is trying to understand Prachi. Prachi says that she is also thinking that she is wrong. Prachi adds that he is doing everything for Rhea and even, she called the doctor for Rhea. Sahana says if he will choose her so, what will be her answer? Prachi replies that she will not accept him. Sahana and Prachi talk to each other and Sahana ask her to go out of the house. Prachi asks her not to leave the house and stay with her.

kumkum bhagya

Another side, Detective sees a camera and analyzes everything to know out the real culprit behind this accident. He calls Ranbir and says that he found some CCTV cameras and till tomorrow, they will get to know all truth. Rhea comes to Ranbir and says sorry to him and tries to accept that because of her, Ranbir and Prachi are fighting with each other. Rhea tries to provoke him by saying that they both fight because there is no relation. Ranbir says that she never missed Sid because she never loved him. Rhea says that their relationship has ended.

Rhea says that they both are married and Ranbir goes from there. She finds that they both are trying to save their relationship. The next morning, Pallavi says that a dirty fish can make the pond dirtier and as like that, a dirty family member can dirt the entire family and they will have to throw out the family member. Vikram comes there and asks Pallavi to forgive their children and can’t make her understand more than this.

Sahana comes there and goes from there without replying to Pallavi. Sahana brings tea for Prachi and Dida. Dida asks Ranbir to come and have tea. Dida talks to him and tries to make them understand. Rhea overhears everything and thinks that everything is spoiling in this house and they are losing everything. She is scared as her family can separate. Ranbir and Prachi says that there is no benefit of it and Prachi is about to go from there but Ranbir holds her hand and stops.

Prachi and Ranbir look into each other eyes and they sit together to have a cup of tea. Rhea feels jealous and breaks everything. Rhea asks Pallavi and Aliya to call the police and throw her out of the house. Rhea creates drama in front of Pallavi and Aliya and says that she will make an arrest on Ranbir. She asks Pallavi to call the police and make an arrest of them. Rhea goes mad and says that she will make arrest Pallavi. Rhea says that they both will get together. Pallavi calls Police and says that they will definitely arrest Prachi from this house. The Episode Ends.


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