One of the most entertaining and amazing serials of ZeeTV, Kumkum Bhagya is capturing the attention of millions of users in India because of its amazing concept. Many watchers have been watching this series for a very long time and everyone loves to watch this.

kumkum bhagya 9th september 2021

Now, the series is airing with amazing twists and the makers are releasing back-to-back suspense for all the watchers as the show has become on its high. Now, the latest twist will come out when Rhea will reveal her new evil plan against Prachi and Ranbir to snatch Ranbir from her. All these things will happen in the upcoming episode.

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Well, in the previous episode, we saw that Rhea got to succeed in her evil plans after letting down Prachi in front of everyone during Janmashtami puja. Because of Rhea’s plans, Prachi was being scolded by Pallavi and also, Vikram scolded Pallavi for handed over all the responsibilities to Prachi.

Prachi cried and Rhea smirks over her, suddenly, Pallavi asked for all the keys of the house from her, and in front of everyone, she called Rhea a perfect Bahu and handed over the house keys to her. Pallavi asked Prachi to go inside her room and don’t come back till guests have food properly.

Now, the latest episode will show that how Rhea will play her more evil plans against Prachi because she just wants to snatch Ranbir from her. In the last episode, Abhi will be seen playing dart board in his room and suddenly, Pragya comes inside and shouts.

Does Abhi say sorry teacher to her and Pragya asks him that why did he call her teacher? Abhi says that because she always teaches him something so, he can. Abhi asks her why did she not go office and remembers that he always bring her as a driver.

He says that he is confused because he can be anything at any time. Abhi asks her that will you say something? Pragya says no I just came to take my phone. Suddenly, Pragya sees Prachi’s call and she says to him thank you for saving him from Gaurav’s last day. Again, Abhi reminds her that she bought me from his wife and she doesn’t need to say thanks to him.

On the other side, Vikram and Pallavi talk to each other, and Pallavi tries to understand him and Vikram thinks that Prachi is trying to take revenge on them and Pallavi calls him right and says that she wants to show us down in front of society.

While, Prachi and Ranbir go to Pragya to meet her at night and Ranbir says her thanks because Pragya helped them to marry. Now, the upcoming episode is going to be more amazing for all the watchers because Prachi is going to trapped by everyone without knowing anything.


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