Here is a written update of Kumkum Bhagya and the latest episode will come with turning points. According to the latest updates, the episode begins with Ranbir who is insisting on Prachi tell him everything. Ranbir thinks that is she suffering from a deadly disease? They both look at each other and Prachi doesn’t say anything to him. Ranbir cries and feels upset. Prachi wants to tell him but she can’t. Suddenly, the episode takes a new turn as Rhea is unable to show the proof and she is still searching for Prachi and Sid’s pictures.

Kumkum Bhagya 8th March 2022 Full Written Update

Rhea says sorry, I am not getting the pictures and Pallavi asks her that which kind of photos is this. Pallavi says that she is waiting and can’t show her real face. Rhea says that she can’t show her face but can explain the reality. Rhea calls the doctor and asks her that she has to give some answers to everyone. Prachi comes to Ranbir and Rhea sees their hands together. Suddenly, Rhea brings her in the middle. Rhea says that she is asking some questions from the doctor and if you think that I am doing wrong, please interrupts her.

Rhea asks her why is she continuously feeling stressed and falls down. She asks the doctor about the secret. The doctor says that it is not a normal thing and this is happening because she is pregnant. Everyone gets shocked after hearing this. Ranbir says what is she saying. Rhea says but why did she hide this. Rhea says that this is a child of Sidharth. Everyone gets shocked and Ranbir feels upset.

Doctor asks Rhea for the reports and she denies and says that it has been lost. The doctor says that I have a doctor’s degree and can show you. Suddenly, the scene gets changed and the doctor says that she can’t believe on her. The doctor says that Rhea asked her to lie to everyone that Prachi is pregnant. Everyone gets shocked once again as Rhea did this. The doctor says that she just wants to say the truth and Prachi is not pregnant and creates pressure on her to say that Prachi is pregnant.

Rhea asks that she lied to her but the doctor says that she also lied to her that Prachi is going on hiking. Pallavi and Vikram get angry on Rhea and Vikram say that how can she do this. Ranbir holds Prachi’s hand and says that Prachi is his real wife. No one can’t think this. Rhea harassed the doctor and the doctor warns her that she will complain to the police against her.

Rhea asks NGO lady to do something but they says that Ranbir has already confessed that Prachi is his only wife. NGO lady says that she is snatching Prachi’s husband. NGO ladies take action against Rhea and take black color in hand to color her face with black color. Everyone gets shocked after seeing this. They say that this is a way of their justice and way as well. Prachi stops them and says that this happened because of them. Rhea goes from there. The doctor leaves the place and Prachi follows her and thanks to her for not revealing truth. The Episode Ends.



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