The latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya begins with some amazing twists. Viewers are too excited to watch the upcoming episode of the serial and it will be interesting. So, the latest promo videos show that Ranbir is going to his meeting and meet to her.

Kumkum Bhagya 8th February 2022 Written Update

Dida says that where is he going in a hurry? He says that he has an urgent meeting and has to attend that. Dida says there is nothing more important than family and Ranbir replies that to run the family, he needs to attend this meeting.

He hugs her and takes a blessing from Dida. He sees Shayna and goes to her. He says that he saw her medicines in Prachi’s room and found that Prachi is pregnant. But he was wrong. Suddenly, Prachi comes out of the room and Ranbir says Shayna that they will talk later.

Suddenly, Aliya and Pallavi come out of another room and Pallavi tries to talk to Ranbir. She says that her friends are laughing at her not even her friends but her club’s members is also talking behind her.

She says that they find her stingy. She doesn’t want to hear this from them and even, they are thinking that she is not a good mother-in-law. She tries to tell that Ranbir and Rhea should go on a honeymoon. Pallavi says that people are thinking that she is stingy and therefore, she did not send her daughter-in-law and son on honeymoon. Everyone gets shocked after hearing this.

Does Ranbir say what she is thinking? He got that. Ranbir thinks about his last conversation with Prachi. He says that there is too cold in Manali. Ranbir asks Rhea will she go to Manali for the honeymoon. Everyone gets shocked after hearing this from Ranbir. Rhea gets happy and says Yes to him. Prachi also gets shocked.

Later, Ranbir meets Prachi in anger and says that he is going to fulfill his 3rd dream. He will go to that girl who wants to become the mother of his child. He will go to a person who loved him a lot and will turn his happiness into dreams.

Now, the latest episode of the serial will show something more interesting. Many promo videos of the serial will come out soon regarding to the latest episode. So, let’s wait for the upcoming episode of the serial.


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