The latest episode will come with some latest twists as we have seen in the previous episode that Prachi and Rhea will perform excellently in the competition by dancing in a Radha getup. Everyone greets them and said they both are looking gorgeous as Radha was with Krishna. While Prachi and Rhea danced, Rhea silently threw her broken bangles so, Prachi got hurt by this and she can’t dance more.

Kumkum Bhagya, Full Episode 7th September 2021

But Prachi did not stop and Rhea got jealous after seeing her confidence. Rhea made her evil plan but Prachi did not stop and suddenly, Pallavi shouted at her and said that she was hurt even she is dancing.

Now, the upcoming episode will come with the latest twists because Prachi has come into another trouble because of Rhea. While Rhea is trying to impress Ranbir. But everything will change in Rhea’s life because of Ranbir. When Prachi gets hurt, Pallavi will scold her and says that if she has been hurt so, why did she not stop while dancing? Prachi tries to explain herself but Pallavi says that she humiliated her in front of everyone. Later, Ranbir takes aside Prachi and takes her in his arms, and sits her on the sofa. He gets angry after seeing her legs injured and shouts at servants to bring ointment for Prachi.

Rhea thinks that she is successful in her plan and impressed Ranbir. But the situation gets changed when Ranbir shouts at her. Yes, when Pallavi found that this is broken bangles of Rhea and Pallavi shouts at Rhea and when Ranbir gets to know that because of Rhea, Prachi got hurt during dance because her bangles broke. Suddenly, Ranbir shouts at Rhea and says that have you lost your mind.

If you know that your bangles are broken so, you should have removed them from your hands. During this, Ranbir puts ointment on her leg and says to Rhea that because of this Prachi is bleeding and Rhea gets angry after knowing that Ranbir is getting over her.

Suddenly, she rushes to her home after hearing this from Ranbir. She comes to her room and says that Prachi, you have trapped my Ranbir and just because of you, he got angry with me. Rhea adds that she did wrong with me and I will take revenge for it soon.

On the other side, Prachi felt guilty after seeing that Pallavi and Ranbir shout at her and being hurt, she goes to Rhea to talk to her. But, it will be the biggest mistake of Prachi. Now, let’s see what will happen next because Rhea is planning to do something more evil with Prachi and will she succeed in this. Keep watching and reading to know the latest spoiler.


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