ZeeTv’s long-running serial, Kumkum Bhagya is back with another episode tonight after waiting for two weekends, fans are eagerly waiting to watch the next episode as soon as possible because there are two reasons for the show’s fame. Pragya and Abhi’s story and on the other side, their daughters Prachi and Rhea are living in a same house after getting married.

kumkum bhagya 6th september 2021

We have seen in the previous episode that Pallavi has handed over house keys for a single day so, Prachi can take anything from the house. While Rhea got angry over this and tries to plan something evil for Prachi. Now, the upcoming episode will start with a new type of competition where Rhea and Prachi will dance in front of all, and Here, Rhea will do something wrong with her.

Today’s episode will start from when Pallavi declares that who will perform best and impress her, she will give her bangles as a gift. She declares the competition between Rhea and Prachi and they both will dance to the same song, same floor, and at the same time. Prachi is close to winning but suddenly, Rhea breaks her bangles and threw them on the floor so, Prachi gets hurt from this.

She wants that Prachi getting her feet and hurt. But, Prachi doesn’t stop dancing and continuously dances to the song and proves that she is the best. Rhea gets angry after seeing the confidence of Prachi. Prachi thinks that Rhea accepted her forcibly but will not do anything evil.

Rhea gets hurt and plans to make every one of the houses against Prachi. Prachi wins the competition but falls in the eyes of Pallavi. Pallavi asks her why she did not stop herself even when she got hurt during the dance. Pallavi says that she did not do this right and tried to humiliate her. Pallavi says that Prachi has shown everyone that her mother-in-law tortured her in front of everyone by giving her all the responsibilities to Prachi.

Pallavi takes it all in negative thinking. She asks Prachi that why she is doing this. Pallavi says that she gave them permission to dance but she made it a drama. On the other side, Rhea gets hurt after seeing Pallavi scolding her.

On the other side, Abhi asks his friend to give him Rs. 300 for losing the bet. He takes money from them and says that they will get many things in the house. He tells them that he is the king of this house as always he wanted to become. Sumit asks him about Tanu that how did Tanu become so rich? Abhi tells them he has changed his wife as well and he married Pragya. All his friends get shocked and he explains this to them.

Abhi takes them to the bar and shows them the collection. Sumit asks him to drink this and Abhi says that as much as he can drink from here. The servant comes with some snacks for Abhi and his friends. Sumit asks about Prachi and how did he marry her. Abhi tells her everything and on the other side, Rhea gets succeeds in her evil plan again. The Episode Ends. What will happen next. Tell us in the comment box.


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