In the latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya, another twist is ready for all the watchers who have been watching this serial for a very long time. We have seen in the previous episode that Tanu, Aliya, Tai Ji, and Mitali made fun of servants and scold them to made unpleasant food. Everyone asked Mitali to made their favorite food and she got furious after knowing this.

kumkum bhagya 5th october 2021

On the other side, Rhea is making something evil against Prachi because she wants to separate Prachi and Ranbir from each other so, she can marry Ranbir and live with him. Rhea talked to Aliya and told her about her plans with Ranbir as she said to her that she is super excited to spend some quality time with Ranbir.

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Now, the upcoming episode will reveal many things about Rhea as she is about to finish in front of everyone just because of Dida. Yes, Dida will also plan to reveal the reality of Rhea in front of everyone. Now, the episode starts when Rhea talked to Aliya about Ranbir and Prachi. Suddenly, Rhea sees Prachi who is packing her bags. Rhea thinks that why Prachi is packing her bags if she is also coming with us.

Rhea thinks that can’t do this otherwise, her plan will be spoiled. She also thinks that maybe, she is going somewhere else and Rhea thinks that I will have to ask her that where she is going.

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Rhea comes to Prachi and says that why are packing your dress, are you going somewhere? Prachi says that she is also coming with them to Bangalore and Rhea gets surprised after hearing this. Rhea says that how can she go with them and if she will go with them, who will take care of this house or Dida as well. Prachi says that don’t tell to anyone that she is also coming with you as she wants to give a surprise to Ranbir.

Suddenly, Dida comes to Prachi’s room and sees them talking. Dida says that I am forcing her to go with both of you so, she can spend some time with Prachi or Rhea will go to Sid so, Prachi and Ranbir can spend some time together. Rhea says that if Pallavi will get to know that Prachi is also going with them so, any kind of problem can be created.

Dida thinks that Pallavi doesn’t have any problem but you have Rhea. Dida says that Pallavi will not scold anyone and if she will say something, so, Dida is here and she will manage everything.

On the other side, Mitali tries to make food and also tries to ask for help from servants. Later, Sushma came to Kitchen and asks Mitali to cook porridge for her, and suddenly, Pragya comes to them and asks that what is going on? Mitali says that she is cooking breakfast for everyone.

On the other side, Dida brings Rhea to her room and asks Rhea that what is going on with her? Dida confronts everything to her Rhea and warns her by saying that if I doubt on her and it will become sure on it, she will have to talk to Sid about this. The Episode Ends.


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