We are back with a newly written episode of Kumkum Bhaya in which we will get to see some new turns because police are searching for Gaurav Thappar and he planned to kill Abhi. He was beaten by Abhi but suddenly, his father reached the hotel’s room and he saved Gaurav Thappar. He caught Abhi and made him unconscious.

Kumkum Bhagya 5th November 2021

Now, they are going to make another plan because Gaurav wants to show that Abhi died in a car accident and therefore, he can’t beat him. Gaurav went two more people to catch Abhi but he saved himself but unfortunately, Gaurav’s father reached there and made their plan successful.

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Now, the latest episode starts when Pragya reached the hotel room and the hotel staff opens the gate for her. She sees two people are lying down on the floor but Abhi is missing from there. On the other side, Gaurav is taking Abhi in a wheelchair and his father with him.

They talk to each other. Gaurav’s father says that if he didn’t come on time, Abhi handed over him with proof. Gaurav checks Abhi’s pocket for his phone in which, a recording of Gaurav is available. Gaurav’s father says that when he was hit with a bottle, he left his phone on the floor.

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Gaurav says that he will have to take his phone back. On the other side, Pragya finds Abhi’s phone and says that he never left his phone but today, he left his phone and these two people are lying here, maybe, something wrong happened with him and he is not here. Gaurav has planned to kill him and he has already gone in front of Pragya but Gaurav, and his father has changed their get-up and also of Abhi.

Well, the upcoming episode will bring lots of things for the watchers because Rhea will plan again something wrong against Prachi and Sid. She creates an evil plan in which, Ranbir will see sleeping Prachi and Sid together in a room. Ranbir gets shocked after seeing this. Prachi and Sid wake up and Ranbir says that what’s going on here?

Prachi says to him that someone left gas here and then, we don’t know what happened here. Ranbir doesn’t listen to her and says that how can she do such a thing with him. He added that her all promises are fake and he doesn’t want to live with her. He is breaking all the relations with her. The Episode Ends. So, what do you think? Ranbir will break his all relations with Prachi? Tell us in comment section.


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